Samsung Whacks Android and a 10.1-inch Screen on a Printer

What's left that's boring and needs livening up a bit with a screen and the internet? The printer. No one likes a printer as it can't go on Twitter. Hence Samsung has revealed the new Samsung Smart MultiXpress lines -- Android-powered printers you'll actually want to go near. Read More >>

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Fire Printers Seem Like the Best Terrible Idea Ever

Inkjet printers are incredibly annoying, and if this one didn't print with fire there would be no making over the inkjet's image. But it does. It's called the FireWriter. Read More >>

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Highest-Res Colour Printer Ever Fits Images on a Human Hair

This image might look a little grainy to you, but you really should give it a chance. What you're looking at is the output from the world's highest-resolution colour printer, and it's actually an extreme close-up of an image that measures just 50 micrometres across—the same width as a human hair. Read More >>

This Twitter-Powered Road-Painting Printer Wants to Hear From You!

An advocacy group known as One has designed a sorta genius giant towable inkjet printer that prints messages of peaceful protest, in non-toxic water-soluble paint, on city streets. Read More >>

HP and Condé Nast Are Creating an Unholy Union to Print Magazines On Your Home Printer So You Can Not Read Them and Waste Paper and Buy More Expensive Ink

Two wrongs don't make a right. I think I learned that as a 4-year-old. Apparently, HP and Condé Nast skipped out on that life lesson because they're combining two dying things — print media and printers — to create the unholiest of unions: your HP printer at home will print out Condé Nast magazines for you to read. Read More >>