Pop Art Legend Honoured by Retrospective Baby Buggy Roof Collection

The maker of the high-end Bugaboo child trolley for the well-heeled urban parent is about to end its collaboration with the Warhol Foundation, but not before it's stuck out one more batch of buggy sun roofs and matching tote bags covered with some of Warhol's most iconic works. Read More >>

These Richly Detailed Maps Give the Modern World a Victorian Twist

Wouldn't we all love to live in a city where floating dirigibles shared the horizon alongside the glass towers of our modern skylines? Such is the wild world featured in the highly complex, geographically accurate illustrations of Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams, whose maps are part of an exhibition for the London Design Festival, running until October 9. Read More >>

I Want These Bizarre Prints of Brains and Butterflies on My Walls

These prints—by graphic artist Bedelgeuse—are weird and magical and beautiful and I want them on my walls. The technical term for this style of art is up for debate—is it a collage or illustration?—but you definitely can file these prints under "can't stop looking." Read More >>

Some Guy Turned Each Episode of Breaking Bad Into its Own Dope Poster

It's been five months since one of the greatest shows ever to grace the small screen has gone off the air, but if you're one of the many rapt Breaking Bad fans, you're probably still pretty deep in mourning. Fortunately for you, Hungarian designer Zsolt Molnár (Zsutti) decided to pay homage to the meth-loaded masterpiece by designing a poster for each of the show's 62 episodes. And each one is absolutely fantastic. Read More >>

How Many Rappers Are Named Lil? This Massive Map Shows You

How many rappers can possibly have a name that's anchored by the word big? Or lil? Or fat? Or slim? Or any other adjective used to describe size? The answer is a lot, and if you don't believe me, check out The Massive Map of Hip Hop Monikers—an extensive visualization of names in hip hop from Pop Chart Lab. Read More >>

Adorn Your Walls With This Dizzyingly Cool Geometric Art

You've seen Andy Gilmore's art before, you might just not know it. Gilmore's colourful kaleidoscopes have adorned everything from magazines to album covers to snowboards. Now thanks to a collaboration with the Ghostly Store, these hypnotic prints can also deck your walls. Read More >>

This Minimalist Periodic Table Turns Electrons into Art

Nerds have been decorating with the periodic table for longer than most people can remember, but let's face it: it's never looked good. This lovely minimalist interpretation does the impossible and actually makes it mesmerising to behold, even if it's slightly less informative. Read More >>

A Digital Print of Vintage Film Canisters Is Paradoxically Adorable

Digital cameras are great and all, but it's OK to miss good old fashioned film if for no other reason than it looks nice in canister form. This lovely digital print by Peter Hamilton shows off some of the best old-school beauties in all their antiquated glory. Read More >>

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The Favourite Boozy Beverage of Classic Movie Characters, In One Chart

The Big Lebowski's The Dude? White Russians. Silence of the Lambs' Hannibal Lecter? Chianti. This awesome cocktail chart maps the drinks of choice for characters in classic books and movies. Read More >>

Impossible Looks to Do the Impossible and Turn Your Phone Snaps into Real, Instant Photos

Alright, you might have turned your Instagram shots into an arty iPad case, or even had them made into chocolates, but have you ever wanted to grab your phone camera snaps and instantly turn them into real analogue photos? The folks at Impossible look to do that with their snazzy Instant Lab, that takes your digital photos and turns them into real instant analogue prints. Ya-huh! Read More >>