US Congress Can’t Review Snowden Film So Reviews Snowden Himself

This week, Oliver Stone plans to bring the story of NSA leaker Edward Snowden to a wider audience with the US release of Snowden, their new You’ve Got Mail remake. Sadly, the US Congress has yet to issue an official review of the movie, but the House intelligence committee released the next best thing yesterday with its report on Snowden himself and...wow. Read More >>

Edward Snowden on Citizenfour Oscar Win: “Ordinary Citizens Can Change the World”

While NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden couldn't hang out with the coked-up throngs on the Oscar awards' red carpet, Citizenfour, the film following the NSA spying scandal, picked up the best documentary gong. Read More >>

Colour-Changing E-Ink is Here, But Not in eBook Readers

This morning E Ink Holdings announced the availability of a new colour-changing film known as Prism that's based on the company's electronic paper technology used in devices like Amazon's Kindle and the Pebble smartwatch. But the new material isn't destined to finally bring a dash of colour to your electronic books. Instead, it's being positioned as a tool to let architects and interior designers dynamically change the colour and mood of a space. Read More >>

monster machines
Fast-Acting Nuclear Reactor Will Power Through Piles of Plutonium

Even the latest generation of nuclear power reactors can only harvest about five per cent of the energy stored in their radioactive fuel supplies, and the toxic leftovers must then be buried deep underground to slowly decay over hundreds of thousands of years. But thanks to a new breed of sodium-cooled pool reactor, we may soon be able to draw nearly 100 times more energy from nuclear fuels, while slashing their half-lives by two orders of magnitude. Read More >>

Hidden Message in Apple Transparency Reports Suggest New NSA Warrants

It's not what Apple's most recent transparency reports say that has activists concerned—rather, it's what's missing. Because the sudden omission of a mere two sentences essentially translates to Apple saying that yes, they've now been subjected to the US Patriot Act's demands. Read More >>

Tim Cook on User Privacy at Apple: “You’re Not Our Product”

As part of Apple's ongoing campaign, Tim Cook was on US chat show Charlie Rose last Friday. Part two airs in the US tonight and it looks like it will be a lot meatier, just based on the clip released today: Cook will apparently talk more about the role of privacy at Apple, including their choice not to release or mine user metadata. Read More >>

Edward Snowden Got a Bunch of NSA Info by Stealing a Coworker’s Password

It's fun to imagine the spy games that must have been involved in Edward Snowden's exposure of the NSA's massively invasive surveillance techniques. But, as NBC reports, a lot of that information came the way you might snoop on your significant others' email: He stole some poor sap's password. Read More >>

The Scariest Part of the Latest NSA Revelation Is This Goofy Post-It

According to new documents leaked by PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Washington Post reports that the NSA has been secretly tapping into the main communication links connecting both Yahoo's and Google's data servers. Read More >>

US Spies Listened to the Phone Calls of 35 World Leaders

Edward Snowden's encrypted locker of governmental misery has revealed new shocking details on the depth of the NSA's surveillance programme, claiming the phone calls of around 35 world leaders were routinely listened to. Read More >>

Snowden Leaks Were “Catastrophic Loss” to the UK, Says Security Advisor

When Channel 4 gets around to recording its 50 Worst Security Leaks Ever programme, the Snowden/NSA debacle will number one by a long way. That's according to a former government security advisor, who says Snowden and his Hard Drive o' Shame is by far the worst security breach in UK history. Read More >>

Ex-Microsoft Adviser Claims Not to Trust Microsoft (Updated)

Updated: As requested, we have amended our original article to reflect the fact that our original source, The Guardian, has updated its original article to reflect the fact that Bowden (ex-adviser to Microsoft)'s distrust of Microsoft's technology began before the NSA news leaked out. Read More >>

Google’s Eric Schmidt Says Government Surveillance Is Just Part of Our Society

Since the whole PRISM thing blew up, and dozens of other Snowden revelations followed it, there's been a lot of talk about government spying, foreign stuff and domestic surveillance, and what these revelations mean. According to Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt, not much; this is just part of our society now. Read More >>

David Miranda Had 58,000 “Highly Classified UK Intelligence Documents” in His Luggage

A senior government advisor has issued details as to exactly what David Miranda was carrying when he was held by UK immigration for nice hours, claiming Miranda had stacks of top secret files that could identify secret agents -- and a password to access it all written on a piece of paper. Read More >>

Surprise: NSA Agents Use All Seeing Power to Spy on Their Crushes

It's only reasonable to assume that men or women with near unbounded power to spy on the public would eventually use that power to peek at people they are sexually interested in. Well, now you don't have to assume it, because the NSA is admitting it. Read More >>

Sherlock’s Cumberbatch Starts Silent Anti-Government Protest Campaign

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has gone a bit political on the set of the show, baffling onlooking paparazzi by holding up a series of messages conveying his thoughts on the surveillance scandal that's currently gripping the world. Read More >>