This Year’s Best Photo App Just Got Even Better

Let’s just say it: Prisma is the best photo app in recent memory. Now, it’s getting even better with offline support, so you can add artistic photo filters whenever and wherever you want. Read More >>

This Video Captures What the World Looks Like Through Prisma

If we saw this on an aeroplane we’d probably throw up the drugs we had just consumed. Luckily, it’s just a video. Read More >>

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China Gets Transformed Into a Moving Painting in This Cool Side-by-Side Video

This Prisma-type effect on photos and videos will probably get old one day (that day might have been yesterday) but my eyeballs are still enjoying how footage of real life can get transformed into moving art. Read More >>

Now Android Users Can Have All the Selfie Fun With Prisma

If you’ve been seeing selfies of your friends that look like paintings, don’t worry. They (probably) haven’t magically become artists overnight. Prisma — an app that turns your photos into paintings — has been blowing up over the past couple weeks on Apple devices, and it’s now available for Android. Read More >>

Prisma is a Ludicrous Photo Filter App I Never Knew I Wanted

It’s tough for a new app out there trying to poke its head above the flood waters of Pokémon Go. But Prisma is one that certainly deserves your attention. At the basic level, it’s a photo filter app. But such a simple description would be doing this software a disservice. Offering more than just various hues of Sepia, Prisma uses neural networks and AI to turn your photos into artwork. Read More >>