Italy Pokes Facebook With £870k Fine for Mishandling of Data

Italy’s privacy watchdog announced on Friday its decision to fine world-swallowing social platform Facebook €1 million (about £870k) for the catastrophic mishandling of data associated with now-defunct Cambridge Analytica. Does that seem like a bargain to anyone else? Read More >>

Amazon Considers Adding ‘Surveillance as a Service’ to Delivery Drones Because Maybe Every Product Should Monitor Us

It’s become abundantly clear that Amazon is interested in incorporating surveillance into many of its products and services—through the internet, in our homes, and from the sky. Read More >>

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Russia Plans to Block Major VPNs as Next Step in Closing Up Internet

Russia is getting closer to implementing the sort of internet regulations that exist under the Great Firewall of China. Earlier this year, internet providers began preparing to conduct tests to find out if Russia can build an internet disconnected from the rest of the world. Now, Russia plans to block major VPN (virtual private network) services that allow users to reach banned websites. Read More >>

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Russia’s 2016 Twitter Propaganda Machine Was Carefully Built And Wildly Successful, Researchers Find

The Russian disinformation campaign leading up to the 2016 American presidential election was bigger in scope and coordination than reported earlier, according to new analysis from the American cybersecurity company Symantec. Read More >>

The Privacy Problems Lurking in Apple’s App Store

A decade ago, privacy was declared “dead.” Now it’s risen as a global issue that governments, technologists, and consumers are fighting, often without fully understanding it. And when it comes to privacy, Apple’s App Store is one of the internet’s most important battlegrounds. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Plans to Limit Tracking in Kid’s Apps

Sometimes I lose track in Silicon Valley. Apple is supposed to be the privacy company, right? Read More >>

You Need to Patch Your Older Windows PCs Right Now

If the idea of someone running Windows XP in 2019 makes you laugh, I urge you to maintain that blissful naïveté. Just leave now. Read More >>

Who is the New iPod Touch Good For? Privacy Hawks

One year ago, a team of FBI agents executed a warrant to search former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort’s storage unit. Read More >>

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Twitter and Facebook Should Give Us a ‘Start From Scratch’ Button

The best buttons on the internet are all children of the “delete” key. Read More >>

Google Recalls Physical Security Keys After Discovery of Bluetooth Vulnerability

Titan—the physical security Google rolled out last summer—was built to “protect high-value users.” Now those users who bought in on Titan are all eligible for free replacements of this device suite after the company discovered a vulnerability in the way it operates. Read More >>

Why You Should Update WhatsApp But Not Freak Out

Everyone with WhatsApp on their phone should update to the latest version of the app as soon as possible, the company said on Tuesday. Read More >>

Nest, as You Knew It, Is No More

There was a lot of news at Google’s I/O developer conference this year, but when it came to the smart home, one thing stuck out. Nest, which Google bought back in 2014 for $3.2 billion (£2.5 billion), has been fully absorbed and rebranded as Google Nest. Read More >>

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The Dumb Truth About Google’s Privacy Push

Every big tech event in 2019 has a buzzword in common: privacy. Read More >>

Zuckerberg Promises ‘the Future is Private,’ but Facebook Will Still be Facebook

To open the decade, Mark Zuckerberg defiantly announced that the age of privacy was over. Now, as we approach the decade’s end, the Facebook founder and CEO says he’s rebuilding the world’s biggest social network around privacy first. Read More >>