US Federal Agencies Ordered to Adopt Basic Email Security Measures After Years of Doing Nothing

The Trump administration is now pushing federal agencies to finally adopt basic security protocols designed to protect government emails against spoofing and phishing attacks. Read More >>

Smartwatches for Kids Are a Total Privacy Nightmare

Kids’ smartwatches are usually intended to help parents feel at ease that their children are safe when they’re not around. But as it turns out, a number of these devices may do more harm than good. A 49-page report on smartwatches for children (with the unfortunate title of #WatchOut) details all the ways in which they are a security nightmare. Read More >>

The Apple Watch’s Best New Feature Was Mysteriously Blocked in China

Apple may be riding the highest stock prices of its lifetime, but China continues to be a vexing problem for the hardware giant. With a high-profile legal dispute with Qualcomm threatening a ban on the iPhone in China and its market share in the country falling, more bad news arrived late last month when the Apple Watch’s cellular service was reportedly shut off by Chinese authorities. Read More >>

British Spies Accused of Gathering Untold Social Media Data on Innocents, ‘Unlawfully’ Sharing it With Foreign Powers

British spy agencies have collected and shared huge databases of personal and social media information on millions of individuals, and effectively circumvented the investigatory body tasked with surveillance oversight, according to documents newly obtained by Privacy International, a London-based consumer advocacy group. Read More >>

Israel Scraps Plans for Database of All Jewish American University Students

The Israeli government is cancelling its plans to set up a database of all Jewish university students in the United States (roughly 350,000 people) to market them Israeli content, Haaretz reported. Using targeted advertising techniques, the planned purpose of the database was to galvanise interest among Jewish American students in Israel, Judaism, and Israeli activities. Read More >>

Australia Launches First Nation-Wide Reporting System for Revenge Porn

Victims of revenge porn—the nonconsensual distribution of explicit images—have a difficult path to navigate to regain their privacy and seek justice. The laws have yet to catch up to the crime, and the average person doesn’t have the means to quickly take down intimate images from the web—they’re often at the mercy of tech giants. But the Australian government is trying to address the issue with a national portal dedicated to offering support and reporting tools for revenge porn victims. Read More >>

Facebook Can’t Stop Doing Too Many Things

If you’ve been wondering why you couldn’t order food without leaving Facebook, you’re in luck. Facebook just launched this very feature in the US and it sounds simply awful. Remember when Facebook was just a utility that helped you find your friends’ email addresses? We were such dorks back then. Read More >>

Wi-Fi’s Most Popular Encryption May Have Been Cracked

Your home Wi-Fi might not be as secure as you think. WPA2 — the de facto standard for Wi-Fi password security worldwide — may have been compromised, with huge ramifications for almost all of the Wi-Fi networks in our homes and businesses as well as for the networking companies that build them. Details are still sketchy as the story develops, but it's looking like a new method called KRACK — for Key Reinstallation AttaCK — is responsible. Read More >>

How Facebook Outs Sex Workers

Leila has two identities, but Facebook is only supposed to know about one of them. Read More >>

Airbnb Guests Discover Hidden Camera, Host Charged for ‘Video Voyeurism’

A couple visiting Longboat Key, Florida were disturbed to find a hidden security camera in their Airbnb rental the day after they checked in. Read More >>

Creepiness Won’t Kill the Google Clips Camera

Google introduced a tiny lifelogging camera on Wednesday at its Pixel 2 event. Called Clips, the little device can be held, clipped, or set down while it uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to “capture beautiful, spontaneous images” of your life. As with most cameras intended to constantly record you, a lot of people’s first instinct was: Holy shit this is creepy. Read More >>

Woman’s Webcam Starts Following Her Movements and Taunts ‘Hello’

Internet of Things devices are notoriously insecure and webcams are among the creepiest targets for hacks. A woman in the Netherlands recently learned just how disturbing these vulnerabilities can be, capturing footage of a home webcam that started tracking her movements and speaking to her in a sinister, unfamiliar voice. Read More >>

Researchers: Uber’s iOS App Had Secret Permissions That Allowed It to Copy Your Phone Screen

To improve functionality between Uber’s app and the Apple Watch, Apple allowed Uber to use a powerful tool that could record a user’s iPhone screen, even if Uber’s app was only running in the background, security researchers told Gizmodo. After the researchers discovered the tool, Uber said it is no longer in use and will be removed from the app. Read More >>

Hackers Found a New Way to Rip Off Cash Machines

Ripping the faces off cash machines and injecting them with malware is great fun, sure, but not so much when you’re caught by a security guard tossed in prison. For these reasons and more, many cyber criminals are using less of a hands-on approach these days and attacking cash machines remotely instead. Read More >>