Apps You Use Every Day Are Tracking Your Every Move, According to Very Creepy Report

While you probably already know enabling location services for third-party apps might compromise your privacy, an investigative New York Times report details just how creepy and personal smartphone location data can be. Read More >>

Sleep Number Denies Recording Users in Their Beds, Calls Creepy Privacy Policy ‘an Error’

The bed is an intimate place—so it makes sense that social media freaked out recently over a creepy clause in the privacy policy of mattress maker Sleep Number. Read More >>

Marriott Is Already Getting Sued Over Huge Data Breach

On Friday morning, the Marriott hotel chain disclosed that its Starwood reservation system had experienced one of the largest data breaches of all time. By Friday afternoon, a class action lawsuit was already filed in a U.S. District Court. Read More >>

More Than 600 Google Employees Are Demanding an End to Project Dragonfly

Google’s Project Dragonfly, the controversial project for a censored search product for China, has sparked two separate letters from the company’s employees arguing either for or against the project. As of today, however, a letter in opposition of the project has amassed more than 600 signatures, eclipsing the reported figure of a separate letter defending Dragonfly. Read More >>

Marriott Claims Up to 500 Million Guests Had Their Records Hacked

Marriott, one of the world’s largest hotel chains, announced on Friday that it has experienced a jaw-dropping data breach that may have exposed the personal data of up to 500 million guests going all the way back to 2014. Read More >>

Facebook Says It Doesn’t Sell Your Data, But It Considered Selling Access to It, Documents Show

In April, Mark Zuckerberg told a US congressional hearing, “I can’t be clearer on this topic: We don’t sell data.” But just because Facebook doesn’t currently sell data, it doesn’t mean they didn’t actively mull it over. Improperly redacted court documents from February 2017 show that Facebook explored charging companies for access to user data. Read More >>

Be Warned: Customer Service Agents Can See What You’re Typing in Real Time

Next time you’re chatting with a customer service agent online, be warned that the person on the other side of your conversation might see what you’re typing in real time. A reader sent us the following transcript from a conversation he had with a mattress company after the agent responded to a message he hadn’t sent yet. Read More >>

In Extraordinary Rebuke, UK Parliament Seizes Internal Facebook Documents

The British Parliament has seized internal Facebook documents in “an extraordinary attempt to hold the U.S. social media giant to account” after being repeatedly spurned in their attempts to have the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify about its data privacy practices, the Observer reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg: You Can Trust Me, or You Can Trust One of America’s Most Respected Newspapers

Facebook’s scandals in recent memory have included reckless sharing of user data with third parties like the now-defunct Cambridge Analytica political firm, several high-profile security breaches, and continued abuse of its platforms to spread misinformation and propaganda during elections. Other even worse stuff has included its sluggish pace responding to widespread reports Facebook was playing a key role in the genocide in Myanmar, or investigations into how easily its ad tools can be abused for discriminatory purposes. Read More >>

Hackers Hit Adult Furry Website, Exposing Hundreds of Thousands of Users

The website for an adult furry game was hacked, with 411,000 unique email addresses and other personal information leaked, according to Have I Been Pwned’s Troy Hunt. The website hosted High Tail Hall, an interactive puzzle game “where you can have erotic encounters with the surrounding characters.” Read More >>

By Pure Coincidence, a Tonne of People Are Downloading Their Facebook Data Right Now

Last spring, Facebook was confronted with a flood of scandals and new privacy regulations in Europe that reminded users that they could use a feature on the social network to download their data. Now, it seems a lot of people are using that tool. More people than Facebook can handle. Read More >>

Amazon Exposes Customer Email Addresses (Again)

If it feels like just weeks ago that Amazon inadvertently shared the email addresses of some of its customers – it was. Read More >>

Facebook Has Appealed its Paltry Cambridge Analytica Fine, Insisting it Was ‘Unjustified’

Most of you will remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal. That thing that happened after it was discovered a Facebook app had abused the system and pulled data from user profiles without permission - simply because one of their friends had. That data was then sold onto political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, where it was alleged to have been used for Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Read More >>

Well, This New Facebook Patent Application Sure Is Creeping Us Out

A recently published Facebook patent application imagines an unnerving way to use your data. The company filed for a patent that explores piecing together information about a user’s entire household based on the pictures they upload, presumably for targeted advertising. And yes, Instagram photos were also cited in the filing. Read More >>

Privacy Advocates Raise Alarm Over Google’s Takeover of AI Health App

DeepMind’s health app Streams is being consumed by its sister company, Google, and some privacy advocates see the move as a violation of patient trust. Read More >>