Vodafone is Getting in on AR Gaming Again With Something Called ‘Find Unlimited’

AR games aren't the game changers the initial success of Pokémon Go promised us they'd be, but they're still kicking about and doing quite well for themselves. Well Pokémon Go is at any rate. Naturally Vodafone has prizes to give away, and it's gone and got into the AR gaming space for the return of its limited-time event called 'Find Unlimited'. Read More >>

These 21 Teams Will Battle For £5.8 Million in a Race to Explore the Ocean Floor

We know very little about our planet’s seafloor, but that’s poised to change as autonomous underwater scouting technology gets better and better. To that end, nearly two dozen teams are racing to develop robots that can investigate, map, and conduct science at extreme depths, and under serious time constraints. They’re also competing for $7 million (£5.8 million) in prize money. Read More >>

Gravitational Wave Scientists Win £2 Million For Being Awesome

Earlier this year, scientists confirmed the presence of gravitational waves, a cosmological feature first predicted by Albert Einstein. In recognition of this remarkable achievement, the scientists involved in the study have won the $3/£2.06 million Special Breakthrough Prize. Read More >>

Five Number Lottery Winners Bag Life-Unchanging £15

Imagine getting five numbers on the lottery. You might not start planning your Kensington super basement, but still, you'd think there might at least be a cheque big enough to buy a new phone off-contract, a few pairs of trainers, and maybe treat the girlfriend to a meal including both a starter and pudding. Read More >>

GoPro’s New Awards Offer Up Millions for First-Class Content-Creation

Back in July GoPro announced a way for you to get paid for the videos you shoot through a licensing portal, but now it’s upping the ante. With GoPro Awards, an ongoing contest pays you for the photos and videos you shoot. The figures? Ok: $500 (£324) for a photo, $1,000 (£648) for a raw video clip, and $5,000 (£3,240) for a video edit. Not bad. Read More >>

British Prize Promises £10m Kitty for Economy-Boosting, World-Improving Inventions

The Longitude Prize 2014 is offering a total of £10m in prizes to clever folk able to chuck out solutions to the problems faced by the world. Read More >>

Relationship Poo Advice Book Wins Oddest Title Award

A book called How to Poo on a Date has won the 36th annual Oddest Book Title of the Year competition, beating such odd potential classics as Are Trout South African?, How to Pray When You're Pissed at God and Origin of Feces.  Read More >>

Microsoft’s Cash4Hacks Bounty Hunt Wants Your Windows 8.1 Exploits in Return For Money

Microsoft has launched a three-pronged attack on Windows bugs, offering users and hackers the chance to win big cash money if they can spot -- or develop -- a way to hack its latest desktop OS or Internet Explorer 11. Read More >>

Kent Council Offers £1,000 Reward for IT Ideas

If you really don't have anything better to do on November 25th, Kent Council is holding a "Developing Solutions Camp" where local IT boffins can submit ideas, work up prototypes, have a free buffet lunch and maybe win some cash. Read More >>