Microsoft and Huawei Both Announce Computers On The Same Day

Microsoft has announced the new Surface Pro, although surprises are a little thin on the ground after some comprehensive leaked. However, the key points are pretty exciting. Read More >>

Case-Hole Counters Reckon the “iPad Pro” Will Indeed Have Four Speakers

Previous sensational rumours that suggested Apple is making a four-speakered mega-tablet have been sort of confirmed by another rumour -- if two rumours can make a truth -- with an image of an iPad Pro case seeming to show lots of holes for sound to come out. Read More >>

Apple Rumoured to be Ditching Sole Remaining Non-Retina MacBook

The 13-inch MacBook Pro, which hasn't seen its internal bits fiddled with since it was last refreshed by Apple's engineers in 2012, is due to be killed off this year, if Chinese supplier whispers have been accurately passed from ear to ear. Read More >>

How Apple Is Changing Its Definition of “Pro”

In recent years, many pros have started feeling like Apple's jilted girlfriend. Through no fault of their own, the love just seemed to fade. Read More >>

MacBook air 2013 13-inch review
The MacBook Cheat Sheet

Before deciding to buy one of those gorgeous new Airs, if anyone is looking for a full breakdown and comparison of the entire MacBook lineup, commenter Ryan Bane put together a pretty comprehensive comparison between every model, every option, specs, etc. with information from Apple and around the internet. Read More >>

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Watch These Real-Life Supermen Wingsuit Dive Into Their Metropolis

When you go sky-diving, there's that all-important business of making sure you don't slam into the ground, but you also have to make sure you don't slam into anything protruding out of it. This pair of urban wingsuit daredevils who dove into Rio de Janeiro came damn close to the latter when they zipped through a small gap between to skyscrapers. Read More >>

windows 8
Happy Windows 8 Launch Morning Everyone!

Were you one of these clearly insane people who queued up outside PC World to buy Windows 8 last night? And if so, how's that installation process going for you? Read More >>

Watch the MacBook Pro Retina Go Hot Red At Maximum Power

I love thermal imaging more than a Predator and almost as much as I love the new MacBook Pro Retina. So I made this little GIF animation with thermal images from Japanese blog IT Media, showing how hot Apple's coolest computer gets under maximum stress. Read More >>

The Best Action Camera

Action cams have always sounded great. Just strap them to a bike, a surfboard, a car, or a helmet, and record a ride from the daredevil's POV. Now they're getting fancy, with full 1080p HD recording, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. So which is the right one to capture your classic runs and epic wipeouts? Read More >>

New MacBook Pro 2012 May Be Imminent

The next-generation MacBook Pro 2012 may be just around the corner: multiple Apple resellers are reporting the pro macs as out of stock, including J&R and Best Buy in the US. In fact, the latter is not accepting orders. Read More >>