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How Understanding Probability Could Save Your Life

The laws of probability seems simple at first thought, but scratch the surface and their inner truth can be rather more counterintuitive. This video describes one of those situations—and the answer might prove more useful than you think. Read More >>

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Why You Should Always Catch the Coin to Make a Toss Fair

When you throw a coin in the air to make a decision, you'd expect the outcome of the toss to be 50-50 whether you catch it or let it land on the ground. But, according to randomness expert Persi Diaconis, that's simply not true. Read More >>

How to Predict the Odds of Anything

Statistics are used by many industries every day to predict the outcome of future events—but that doesn't mean it's always done right. In this video, Sci Show explains some of the quirks of statistics, and how using them can predict the odds of almost anything. Read More >>