iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon

We've already seen inside the iPhone 5S and found out that its guts are blisteringly fast—but now iFixit has taken a very close look indeed at the A7 silicon that powers the new phone. Read More >>

Why Your Next Smartphone Might Be Full of Wax

It might not just be your ears that are stuffed with wax for long — because researchers from the University of Michigan want to pack your phone full of the stuff, too. Read More >>

Report: Apple’s Next-Gen Chips Will Be Made By Samsung Again

Apple's had a turbulent time with Samsung, both in the courtroom and the marketplace — which in part helped inspire Cook and co's recent move away from Sammy as a chip supplier. But according to a new report, Apple is hopping back into the silicon bed with South Korea's finest. Read More >>

Report: AMD Is Making Its First Ever ARM Chip

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that AMD is taking a leap into unknown waters, as it readies its first ever ARM chip. Read More >>

Intel Has a Fanless Tablet Packing a Haswell processor…

Intel has briefly shown off a fanless tablet packing a Haswell processor: that's a lot of power with very little cooling, and it could be a very promising sign indeed. Discuss! [Engadget] Read More >>

Supposed Galaxy S4 Spec List “Confirms” Eight-Core Processor

Someone who appears to be in possession of a Galaxy S4 prototype decided it would be fun to stick a few benchmarking apps on it, giving us a look at how the phone performs and what might be inside Samsung's next Android flagship. Read More >>

The World’s Smallest Arm Chip Is Going To Be Inside You

Manufactured by Freescale, this chunk of silicon claims to be the world's smallest ARM-powered chip. Measuring just 2 x 2 x 0.5 millimetres, it's so small that it will likely end up inside... you. Read More >>

Intel Launches Budget Ivy Bridge Processors

Now that Intel has its efficient and expensive Ivy Bridge microarchitecture in tablets and computers everywhere, it's decided to launch a budget-friendly line of processors which use the same 22nm manufacturing process. Read More >>

Samsung Tells Apple To Take A (Price) Hike

News from the front line of the Apple-Samsung war, and Samsung, fresh off the back of winning more money back from Apple in the UK, is sticking the knife in by jacking up processor prices for Apple by 20%. Read More >>

If These Benchmarks Are Genuine, the iPhone 5 Will Blow Literally Everything Out of the Water

The iPhone 5 is out in the wild, well, under NDA in the hands of reviewers at least, but it's apparently made a quick appearance on Geekbench, just to test its mettle a little. It clocked up a score of 1,601, which totally annihilates the iPhone 4S with its puny 631 score, and even tops Android's best. Read More >>

Apple’s New A6 Chip Is Smaller, Lighter, and Mightier

Apple announced it's got a whole new chip for the iPhone 5. It's called the A6, which is a semi-surprising upgrade to this year's iPad's A5X. Read More >>

Samsung’s New Exynos Mobile Chip: USB 3.0 and 1080p Video at 60fps

Samsung has released the specs of its new Exynos 5 Dual mobile chip, and it looks set to be an absolute powerhouse. An ARM-based 1.7 GHz mobile CPU, it seems set be a massive leap forward from the Exynos 4 Quad which currently powers the Galaxy S III . Read More >>

Google’s Artificial Brain Loves to Watch Cat Videos

Hidden away within Google's X laboratory, where all kinds of secret projects are underway, its engineers have been working on creating an artificial brain. With 16,000 computer processors and freedom to learn whatever it chooses from the internet, though, it turns out that the brain does just what you do online: watch cat videos. Read More >>

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What Is Intel Turbo Boost?

Lots of exciting new computers! And no matter what, we still get jazzed about processor speeds. But what's this Turbo Boost business Apple mentioned? Why do CPUs have two different speeds? It's actually pretty simple. Read More >>

Are Multi-Core Processors a Waste of Time for Android?

Many Android handsets feature incredible processing power these days, with multiple cores and high clock speeds seeming to offer incredibly smooth performance. According to Mike Bell, from Intel's Mobile and Communications Group, though, the specs might not be as impressive as they first appear. Read More >>