The Tech Queen Elizabeth II’s Reign Has Outlasted

She's been at it for quite a while, the Queen. She's now beaten the monarch-being record of Queen Victoria, thanks to a combination of taking on the job young, wearing gloves so she doesn't catch colds off the commoners and today's advanced medical technology that keeps the rich alive. Read More >>

Design Council Chucking £300k at Dreamers and Makers of Stuff

The new Design Council Spark scheme comes with a £300,000 kitty, money that it wants to "energise" the UK's physical product design world. A bit like that thing Dyson's been doing for years. Read More >>

The Apple Products Most Overdue for an Update

Well, it's official: Apple is holding an event on Oct 16th that will reportedly air out its stale iPad. But as they often do, the invitation to the event included a cryptic tagline: "It's been way too long. Read More >>

A £7 Hack Fixes One of Apple’s Most Annoying Product Design Missteps

Apple's stock headphones aren't exactly the most-loved product in the company's oeuvre, even after Jony Ive's team revamped them last year. Yet they're free (with purchase) and produced by the millions. So Sprng, an inexpensive little plastic do-dad that makes them useful, is worth paying attention to. Read More >>

Can You Recognise These Products Even Without Their Branding?

Some products are so ingrained into the mushy greyness of our brains that we can spot their branding on just the shape of the product alone. It's kinda sick, isn't it? Within half a second, you already knew that that packet above was Heinz ketchup. Read More >>