Alphabet Swaps Project Loon Balloons for ‘Boxes’ to Bring Light Beam Internet to India

One of Alphabet’s crazier attempts to bring the internet to more rural and isolated areas was Project Loon. Using what is called Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC), Alphabet has sought to prove it’s possible to reliably send data wirelessly between balloons floating thousands of feet in the sky. However, the task of keeping balloons aloft indefinitely is tricky business, so for its next venture, Alphabet’s X team is taking the tech behind Project Loon and putting it in FSOC boxes that will be mounted all over the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Read More >>

Alphabet X’s Project Loon Provides Internet to 100,000 People in Puerto Rico 

Project Loon has provided mobile data to more than 100,000 people in Puerto Rico, according to Google parent company Alphabet. Read More >>

Google Accused of Stealing Project Loon Idea

Believe it or not, there really is more than one company using balloons to cover the world with Wi-Fi. Space Data Corp has sued Google, claiming that it stole the idea for Project Loon during a 2007 meeting. Read More >>

Google’s Project Loon Will be Tested by Real Carriers This Year

Google’s Project Loon is an ambitious plan to float internet into the life of anyone who is currently without. But after a series of setbacks, the service is finally going to be tested by carriers this year. Read More >>

Google X Is Now Just Called ‘X’

The most threatening letter of the alphabet is now the new name of Google’s quasi-secret moonshot lab: Google X is now just “X.” Hear that? That’s the sound of paranoid civilians boarding up windows and prepping drone-downing canons. Read More >>

Google Loon Balloon Internet to Bring Internet to All of Sri Lanka

Google has announced plans to bring internet connectivity to all of Sri Lanka using hot air balloons. And it might actually work. Read More >>

Facebook and Google Are Locking in African Customers With Freebie Deals

Facebook and Google have grand plans to bring the internet to developing nations, paying lip service to altruistic visions of global connectivity. But let's always remember that these US tech giants are also gunning for new customers and the lucrative data that comes with them. Read More >>

A Brief History of People Thinking Google’s Loon Balloons are UFOs

Some South African sheep got a nasty little surprise earlier this week when a Google-branded internet balloon came tumbling down from the heavens to say hello. The sheep are in good company, though. Because this happens a lot. Fortunately for the conspiracy theorists among us, this means all the UFO fodder their chemtrail-addled brains can handle. Read More >>

Google’s ‘Project Loon’ Internet Balloons Now Have a Carrier Working on Them Too

Google's ambitious plan to fill the skies with internet is suddenly looking way more feasible as a reality: the search giant now has a commercial cellular partner working on the project in Australia. Read More >>

New Zealand Just Mistook Google’s Project Loon for a Crashing Airplane

Filling the skies with whimsical, internet-providing balloons is bound to have the occasional hitch—and down in New Zealand, one of Google's Project Loon balloons was just mistaken for an airplane crashing, causing emergency services to flock. Read More >>

Google’s Flying Internet Balloons May Actually be Feasible Next Year

The biggest secret on the internet is that most of the world still doesn't have access to it. But while a year after launch there's still the possibility Google's Project Loon balloons may fall on you, it looks like they could actually be the most viable way to enable the 61 per cent of humans without a Facebook account to find their way online. Read More >>

Your Reminder That Internet Balloons in the Sky Can Also Fall Down

Filling the sky with a flock of internet balloons sounds like an interesting if also sort of insane idea on paper, but in real life it's not quite so fancy-free. And Google's dealing with that first hand now that one of its internet balloons has crashed and caused a power outage. Read More >>

What’s Actually Inside the Antennas of Google’s Wild Internet Balloons

When Google first announced Project Loon, its plan to cover the world in a blanket of Wi-Fi using internet balloons, it was sort of hard to believe. It still is, but now Google's taking us inside the antenna. Read More >>

Google’s Crazy Internet Balloons Will Flock Together Like Cyborg Birds

Google's Project Loon is sort of insane. Then again, that's kind of the point. And to make it actually work, the squadrons of balloons are taking a cue from nature. Read More >>