Project Morpheus Now Known as PlayStation VR

Sony just announced that its virtual reality headset, formerly Project Morpheus, is now simply known as PlayStation VR. Just so you know. Read More >>

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Homido Headset is the Most Comfortable Mobile VR Viewer Yet

If virtual reality is the future of computing / gaming / TV and film (delete as appropriate), for most their first experiences with VR will be with a mobile viewer. Not requiring a flashy console or souped up PC, the likes of Google Cardboard can give you a reasonable sensation of visiting a virtual world just with your smartphone and a shell headset, on the cheap. At £59.99, the Homido may not be the cheapest mobile VR headset out there, but it does justify its price with the effort it makes to be comfortable. Read More >>

Sony’s Morpheus VR Headset Will Cost “Several Hundred Dollars”

In a Wired report, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida let slip that Project Morpheus, Sony’s entry in the great VR race of 2015/2016, would go on sale for “several hundred dollars” in the first half of 2016. Read More >>

Sony Opens Project Morpheus Studio

Looking for a job in the gaming industry? Fancy working with Sony's forthcoming Project Morpheus VR headset? Want to get your hands on groundbreaking tech before its planned release in the early part of next year? Read More >>

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Virtual Reality is Happening, But Like for Real This Time

Virtual reality is a lot like the flying car: It's always juuuust a few years off. But recently—just this week—the VR hype has reached a fever pitch. And let me tell you this is no Virtual Boy bullshit. When we look back at the past through rose-coloured VR headsets, this is the moment where we'll see that it took off. Read More >>

Sony VR Chiefs Talks Schoolgirl Simulators, the Dangers of Mobile VR and the End of Headaches

Having knackered ourselves out enjoying the new and improved Project Morpheus virtual-reality prototype demos at the Game Developers Conference, we grabbed 15 minutes with Sony's two VR pied pipers: Worldwide Studios boss-cum-fan-pleasing indie-game mascot Shuhei Yoshida (pictured above) and senior director of R&D Richard Marks, away from the faceless throng to discuss VR's past, present and exciting future. Read More >>

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I Fell Through An Invisible Virtual Reality Desk and It Changed My Life (and Bruised My Thumb)

If it seems slightly odd to fly all the way to San Francisco to play a game demo designed by Londoners, set in London and even named after the capital, it’s no stranger than falling through an invisible desk and stubbing your thumb on the floor as you grasp for a non-existent gun magazine. Read More >>

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Hands On: Sony’s New Morpheus Is The Best VR Headset Yet

I just survived a shark attack. I just stole a priceless diamond in an upscale London heist. I did it with Sony's new Project Morpheus headset. It's the best I've ever tried. Read More >>

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PlayStation to Strap Project Morpheus VR Headset to Our Faces in First Half of 2016

Sony has just announced we will be able to stick its long-anticipated Project Morpheus virtual reality headset on our faces in the first half of 2016. Read More >>

Which TV Shows Deserve a Virtual Reality Makeover?

The virtual reality revival so far has centered around the potential for devices such as the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus to deliver compelling gaming experiences. But what about film and TV? Read More >>

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Here’s the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus Looking Beautiful in Their First Joint Photoshoot

Back when gadget mags wrestled with one another for exclusive dibs on new products, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to see the two VR wunderkind given a big photoshoot unveiling. But two years on since the Oculus Rift was outed on Kickstarter, and mere months after Sony unveiled its Project Morpheus, they've been lovingly shot together for the first time -- for the latest issue of T3 mag, out today. Read More >>

Why a Chunk of Cardboard Might Be the Biggest Thing at Google I/O

I've been showing friends something I picked up at Google's developers conference yesterday, and it's been inspiring ooohs, and wows, and squeals of joy and delight. No, it isn't a smartwatch. It isn't even a gadget. It's a cheap piece of cardboard, and it's getting even the tech-jaded people here excited. Read More >>

Project Morpheus Hands-On: The Virtual Future is Very, Very Bright

When Sony announced its intentions to take Oculus Rift head-on, we were excited. The Rift (rightly) gets all of the attention and praise for its VR prowess, but a little competition would be good for the emerging technology. Today at E3 in Los Angeles we finally got to try Project Morpheus for ourselves. It's pretty awesome. Read More >>