Google Tango is Dead, Long Live ARCore

After months spent in limbo and not a single new compatible device, Google is finally shutting its Tango augmented reality platform down for good, effective March 1st, 2018. Read More >>

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This Simple Smartphone App May Just Trick People Into Thinking You Don’t Suck at Drawing

Have you ever dreamed about impressing the people around your neighbourhood with preachy Banksy-inspired graffiti? SketchAR is an augmented reality drawing app that uses a smartphone and its camera to let you trace images. And when used with a device that supports Google’s Project Tango technology, suddenly anyone can become a tagger who doesn’t suck. Read More >>

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Pokémon Go Just Made Augmented Reality Mainstream

Augmented reality—the ability to witness an altered version of our world via a smartphone display, goofy glasses, or through a camera—is not new. Thanks to Pokémon Go, though, people might actually start to care about it. Read More >>

Google’s Project Tango Phone Is Finally (Finally!) Here

At. Last. The great leap in smartphoning that all us schlubs have been waiting for is here. Point your phone at a wall to measure how wide it is, or choose a table on Wayfair and put it in your dining room to see how it works in the space. Hell, get lost in a mall and find your way out just by bringing your phone to eye level. Project Tango—the spatially aware camera setup from Google—is finally moving out of developers’ hands and reaching consumers. Read More >>

Using Nothing But Google’s Project Tango Tablet To Escape A Maze

The Palau Nacional (Catalan for National Palace) is a gigantic Renaissance-style palace built in 1929 that now serves as the main art museum in Barcelona. Google sent me into that gorgeous maze of never-ending halls and corridors armed only with a Project Tango Prototype. Read More >>

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Getting Weird With Google’s Project Tango Tech

Yesterday, Lenovo announced it would release the first consumer device using Google’s Project Tango technology. What is this technology good for? I’m glad you asked. Read More >>

ces 2016
Lenovo is Making a Consumer Device Using Google’s Crazy Project Tango Tech

Lenovo and Google have been working together for a year to find a mainstream use for Google’s experimental Project Tango technology. Today we’re getting information about the very first Google Tango device for consumers. They’re actually gonna do it. This is very ambitious. Read More >>

Intel and Google Voltron Their 3D Cameras Into a Single Smartphone

We’ve still got no idea when you’ll be able to buy a smartphone with Google’s 3D-sensing Project Tango technology inside, but here’s a spot of good news: Intel is contributing its own 3D camera tech to Google to help make it a reality. Read More >>

Games Could Help Google’s 3D-Sensing Tango Tablet Become a Reality

Google's Project Tango lets pocket-sized computers see the world in 3D, which could lead to amazing things. Augmented reality shopping. Indoor navigation. Drones that don't crash into foreign objects. But Google project lead Johnny Lee admits that Tango hasn't seen much interest from phonemakers yet. What might change that? Games, he says. Read More >>

This Drawing App is the Coolest Look Yet at What Project Tango Can Do

It's been almost a year since we learned of Google's experimental 3D-sensing tablet and phone technology, Project Tango. But now that Tango is in developers' hands, we're finally getting a look at what talented people can do with a radical technology. Read More >>

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Google’s Reality-Bending Tablet Turned My Supermarket Into an Icy Playground

Imagine you're part of a big supermarket brand. How do you convince customers you're cool? If you're not waiting around for one of your employees to become a viral teen hearthrob, how about thrusting them into a virtual reality world? In the latest example of VR advertising, Google and Target have teamed up to let shoppers explore a winter wonderland as they stride down the aisles. Read More >>

Google’s 3D Sensing Tango Tablet Up On The Play Store

Project Tango, as we know, is a swathe prototype smart devices that can see in 3D. Although they're mostly aimed at developers, that's not stopping Google from putting the development kit tablet on the US Play Store, along with a $1,024 (just over £650) price tag – although it's not actually for sale quite yet. Read More >>

Mantis Vision’s 3D-Sensing Tablet Could Help Anyone Make VR-Ready Video

Mantis Vision is best known as one of the companies behind the tech in Google's 3D-mapping Project Tango tablet. Today, it's pushing out an Android tablet of its own, called Aquila. Read More >>