You Do Not Need a Projector

In the before times, one question would invariably arise in the office kitchen as my coworkers poured kombucha into a coffee mug while eyeing my undiluted cold brew: “What projector should I get?” Now, amidst the global pandemic, it comes via text, DM, and Slack message, with more urgency. My answer to these colleagues of mine (and friends and family members, too) has been and always will be the same: “Do not buy a projector.” Read More >>

Someone Stuffed an Original NES With a Smaller NES and Its Own Built-in Projector

Like the gaming version of a turducken (those abominations with a chicken and a duck stuffed inside a turkey) but less horrifying, YouTuber Geeksmithing has created a self-contained portable version of the original NES console that even includes a tiny projector for big screen gaming anywhere. Read More >>

The Perfect Halloween Costume is a Projector Mask That Can Turn You Into Anyone

Sean Hodgins has come up with the perfect solution for anyone struggling to choose just one costume for Halloween. He designed and engineered a face-changing projection mask that allows you to disguise yourself as anyone or anything – at least until the battery in your back pocket runs out. Read More >>

Epson’s New Short Throw Laser Projector Includes a Special Screen to Bounce Away Overhead Lighting

Projectors can be a cheaper and far more convenient way to put a gigantic 100+ inch TV in your living room. But to get an image that rivals an LCD or OLED TV, you can’t just point them at a bare wall. So with its new LS500 short-throw 4K laser projector, Epson is including a perfectly-sized ambient light rejecting screen that promises deep blacks and vivid colours. Read More >>

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We Found the Sub-£2500 Home Projector That’s Actually Worth It

Buying a projector is a much more intimidating prospect than buying a TV. You can at least go see most televisions in a store, and once you’ve made your purchase, setting it up can be as simple as putting it on an entertainment stand and plugging it in (though a quick calibration is a good idea too). With a projector, you have to worry about the right lighting and right screen and even focusing the dang thing. Can you find a decent projector that’s not a pain to use without bankrupting yourself? We aim to find out. Read More >>

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Here’s a New Sony 4K Projector That You’ll Never be Able to Afford

For some people, a TV can never be good enough. They want a giant screen that would cost the same amount as a small house if a TV panel was involved, so their only option is to go for some sort of projector. Projectors are pricey as well, but they do offer a much larger image for a relatively reasonable price. Unless, of course, you're looking at the top of the range projectors. Sony's flagship is way more than you can probably afford. Read More >>

The World’s First Working Projector Smartwatch Turns Your Arm Into a Big Touchscreen

Some smartwatches come with powerful processors, lots of storage, and robust software, but have limited capabilities compared to smartphones thanks to their tiny touchscreens. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, however, have now created a smartwatch prototype with a built-in projector that turns the wearer’s arm into a smartphone-sized touchscreen. Read More >>

Scare Away Intruders With This Home Security Concept That’s Literally Just a Shadow

Taking a page from Kevin McCallister’s playbook in Home Alone, a landlord in Tokyo has developed a novel way for residents who live alone to feel safer. A tiny projector makes it appear as if there’s another person in the flat from the outside by faking a moving, shadowed silhouette on a window curtain. Read More >>

CES 2018: LG’s New Tower Projector Will Beam 150-Inches of 4K Sexiness to Your Wall

CES is an exciting time for TV lovers. When the biggest gadget show on Earth kicks off tomorrow night, OLED-lovers will hope LG is going to knock their socks off with a new batch of TVs that are capable of sporting darker blacks than Rick Sanchez’s soul. In the meantime, the South Korean tech giant is impressing with a new 4K projector that’s relatively svelte in terms of physical real estate, but downright jumbo when it comes to image size. Read More >>

Screwing In This Lightbulb Turns Your Entire Desk Into a Touchscreen Smartphone

What if all those apps you rely on at work weren’t trapped on your smartphone’s tiny screen? They may not be for much longer. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group lab have come up with a novel way for your smartphone to spill out onto your desk while still letting you interact with apps you rely on using your fingers. Read More >>

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Dancers Instantly Swap Freaky Face Masks Using a Face-Tracking Projector

Costume-changes during a live performance are fast and frenetic, limiting how elaborate makeup and outfits can be. But for this performance by Japanese dance duo AyaBambi, a high-speed face-tracking projector was used to change their appearances while they performed, even creating the illusion of wearing masks that instantaneously appear over their faces. Read More >>

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MTV Helicopter Breaks Record For Largest Aerial Projection

To help promote its Video Music Awards that aired over the weekend, MTV employed a novel approach to aerial advertising. Instead of having a plane pulling a large banner, it used a pair of helicopters to create a flying cinema screen that the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed as the world’s largest aerial projection. Read More >>

Epson Focuses On Large Scale With Its Brightest Ever Projector

Epson has launched a new lineup of high-brightness 3LCD projectors with a laser-light source. The projectors, which include the EB-L25000U — the world’s first-ever 25,000-lumen 3LCD projector — are also the first to include inorganic 3LCD panels with a laser light source and an inorganic phosphor wheel. Read More >>

ZTE Spro Plus Combines Being a Tablet With Being a Projector

One of ZTE's slight less well hinged Mobile World Congress announcements is this, the ZTE Spro Plus. As if the name wasn't worthy of mockery alone, it's also a particularly bizarre hybrid of technology that combines a wall projector with an Android-powered tablet. Read More >>