Ridley Scott Already Has a Script Ready to Go for the Alien: Covenant Sequel

The much-anticipated latest Alien series prequel, Alien: Covenant, isn’t out for another two months, but veteran director Ridley Scott is already planning his next entry in the franchise. In fact, he already has a script in hand and is hoping to begin filming as early as next year. Read More >>

Alien Covenant Rumours, Leaks, Release Date and All the News So Far (Updated)

After many years of waiting, we now know that Alien: Covenant will be coming out next year. The follow up to Ridley Scott's Prometheus is expected to be the direct filmic link between that prequel and the Alien series proper. With production just starting to rip through the chests of the cast and crew, we've pulled together all the important Alien Covenant rumours from across the interwebz so that you know what to expect from the return of the xenomorph. Read More >>

Shoot Fire From Your Wrists and Channel Your Inner Prometheus With the Pyro Mini

Fancy being able to shoot fireballs from your wrists? Obviously that’s a yes. Ellusionist is here to make all of your dreams (or just your weird, flame-themed ones) come true, with the Pyro Mini. The wrist-bound gadget lets you channel your inner Prometheus to launch balls of heat up to 40 feet in the air at the push of a button. Read More >>

Ridley Scott Hints at What to Expect from Prometheus 2

Legendary director Ridley Scott has been speaking to Deadline as part of the promotional junket for The Martian which opens next month. In the expansive interview, he touches upon what we can expect from the much anticipated/feared Prometheus 2. Read More >>

Prometheus 2 Will Be Set on Earth and Feature Two New Monsters

Should there be a Prometheus 2? Hmm... Say whatever you like about Prometheus (OK, its plot made no sense, its dialogue was clunky and characters occasionally acted like idiots), it was an undeniable box-office smash and as they are fond of saying in Hollywood: the last sequel in a franchise is the one that fails to make money. Read More >>

Six Reasons Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 Could be Chest-Burstingly Excellent

If you've even a passing interest in science fiction, then you'll probably agree that Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, Alien, is one of the greatest films of all time ever. Ever. Aliens, James Cameron's 1986 sequel, shifted slightly away from the original's horror-focussed tone in favour of roller-coaster action spectacle and it too, in its own way, is excellent. Read More >>

There Won’t be Any Xenomorph Alien in Prometheus 2

2012's Prometheus can be considered a prequel of sorts to the 1979 horror/sci-fi classic Alien, sharing the same universe and some of the same monsters. But any Prometheus sequel that director Ridley Scott has planned will be going along a different path. As far as Scott's concerned, the xenomorph alien beast, cinema's most terrifying predator, has been put out to pasture, and won't be returning for the sequel. Read More >>

Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2 are Written and “Damn Good” According to Ridley Scott

Whether you think it's a great idea or an awful one, the Blade Runner sequel is definitely happening, and celebrated director Ridley Scott has just shed some new light on the project, revealing that work is coming along at a pace. Read More >>

Prometheus 2 Looks Set for a March 2016 Release, But Do You Care?

A new report from the Hollywood Reporter lays out 20th Century Fox's movie release roadmap. Among the Marvel superhero flicks and unfathomably popular Liam Neeson action movies sits an unnamed Ridley Scott film, set for March 4th 2016. All evidence points to this being Prometheus 2, AKA Paradise. But given how disappointing the first movie turned out, should we still be excited? Read More >>

Here’s Everything That Was Wrong with Prometheus

Prometheus, another movie I accidentally skipped even though I really wanted to see it, got a lot of mixed reviews when it came out. Some people absolutely hated it. Others were okay. A few were less negative. Maybe everyone who watched it will hate it after seeing all the things wrong with it though. And maybe everyone who skipped it won't feel so bad about it anymore. [CinemaSins] Read More >>

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Every Awesome Movie From 2012 Mashed Into One Epic Roll

This year we've been pretty spoilt for quality action movies. We've had the super-hyped Prometheus, The Avengers, Skyfall, and, of course, The Dark Knight Rises, but there were so many more. Watch this epic mashup of the best of 2012 and see if you can spot them all. Read More >>

Here’s How to Get the Just-Released Prometheus Blu-Ray For the Cheapest Price Around

Yes, it's been that long. The time has come for the movie that had us all hyped up before it hit the cinema, to land on DVD and Blu-ray, and thankfully it won't cost you the Earth either. Packed to the brim with deleted scenes that actually explain some of the madness of Prometheus, this might be one movie actually worth owning on disc. Here's where to get it cheap. Read More >>

Prometheus 2 Confirmed, Only Two Years to Wait

Good news Prometheus fans, after a box office success to the tune of £194m, Ridley Scott has just confirmed rumours that a sequel is definitely in the works, and he's pushing for a 2014 to 2015 release. Read More >>

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This Hilarious Animated Parody Is Exactly How Prometheus Should Have Ended

Ah Prometheus. It just couldn't quite live up to the hype, and had a load of really weird, what-the-hell moments that just seemed a bit half-arsed to me. Still, a less-than-bullet-proof script has opened the door to a flood of really funny parodies, and this is one of the very best. Read More >>

So That’s Why the Scientists In Prometheus Were So Eager to Touch Weird Alien Goo

Anyone who's watched a sci-fi movie, or is actually a proper scientist, will know that you don't just go prodding weird alien stuff -- it's simply a recipe for an excruciatingly painful disaster. But after watching this Weyland Corp training video it all makes perfect sense now. Read More >>