ces 2018
CES 2018: Putting a Battery Inside a Laptop Sleeveis a Brilliant Idea

All your gadgets rely on batteries, and all batteries suck. Trying to keep all of your toys perpetually charged is the biggest downside of a gadget addiction, but there are ways to cope, like using Incase’s new Connected Power Sleeve to protect and power your MacBook Pro. Read More >>

Pagolins, Earth’s Most Beautiful and Trafficked Creatures, Finally Get Protection

The pangolin is the only known mammal with scales. Pangolins are beautiful, precious little creatures, often likened to an artichoke with legs. According to NPR, they’re also the world’s most trafficked mammals. Luckily for these little cuties, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES, has officially banned commercial trading of pangolins. Read More >>

UK Government Orders 500,000 Ebola Protection Suits

British forces and overseas aid workers will soon be receiving a new piece of kit, although this one's quite grim and doesn't have Wi-Fi or GPS or a screen. 500,000 protective suits to help fight the spread of Ebola are on the way to those working in Ebola hotspots. Read More >>

iCloud’s Two-Step Authentication is Back and Now Covers Backups

Good news after a harrowing week: your iCloud account is now (a little) more secure. After popping up briefly and then disappearing— and a highly publicised, unfortunately timed security breach—iCloud's two-step authentication has returned for good, with several important improvements, according to Ars Technica. Read More >>

A Simple Trick to Protect Your PIN From Thieves With Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras were once expensive and bulky hunks of equipment that very few people could get their hands on. No longer. With FLIR's new iPhone case thermal imaging cameras are now both affordable and incredibly discreet, which means that evil-doers can use it to see the thermal signature your fingers leave on a keypad and steal your cash machine PIN. Here's a very simple way to thwart that. Read More >>

This Anvil Case for Your iPhone Just Needs Casters and Band Stickers

Go backstage at any rock gig in the world and you're going to find loads of anonymous-looking black boxes holding all of the equipment that bands travel with. Now you can get that legendary protection for your phone. Read More >>

5 Radical Ideas to Protect Coastal Cities From the Next Big Storm

A bridge that deploys huge inflatable buoys to slow storm surges. A barrier reef grown from minerals harvested by electrical currents. An artificial island protecting the most surge-prone neighbourhoods. Most of us are bracing for storms this weekend, but the winners of a recent design competition, Stormproof, are imagining how to protect cities for the next summer storm season. Read More >>

Bean Bag Padding Protects Your Noggin Better Than Foam

It turns out the same material that makes student furniture cheap and comfortable also works quite well when it comes to protecting your head. So Vaco12 has turned simple bean bags into an innovative padding technology. Read More >>

Protect Your iPhone’s Glass Display With… More Glass?

Most screen protectors are just a thin layer of flexible plastic that do an adequate job at shrugging off scratches. But they're no where near as tough as Spigen's new GLAS.t which adds another layer of glass for maximum protection. Read More >>

Wool Felt iPad Case Rolls Itself Into a Subtle Tablet Stand

As an Incase product owner I'm pretty used to the idea of my iPad and MacBook cases being simple black and white affairs that perform their jobs well with little fanfare (and a high price). Read More >>