Russian Government Investigating Fidget Spinners, a ‘Political Technology’ That ‘Controls Children’

In the west, we sometimes endure news reports about some sort of War on Christmas, so don’t feel too smug. But in Russia, there’s currently an effort to paint fidget spinners as a devious plot by the opposition to “zombify” kids using “political technologies.” Read More >>

Activists Fill London Byron Burger Restaurant With Thousands of Creepy Crawlies

“8000 locust, 2000 crickets, 4000 cockroaches. See you tomorrow night,” was the text Huck Magazine writer Michael Segalov received hours before activists unleashed those exact breeds and quantities of insects inside a Byron burger location in London. The bugs came from activists upset by some recent anti-immigration activities at the chain and their vengeance was swift. Read More >>

Buy Nothing Day Sees Brits Protest Against Consumerism on Black Friday

That grimmest of US imports, Black Friday, is here and in full swing. People up and down the country have taken the day off work, strapped on their knuckle-dusters and marched to their local high street, ready to crack some skulls and grab a bargain. Read More >>

Is Hacking More Effective Than Protesting in Person?

The Chicago Police Department has reportedly been hacked in advance of the NATO Summit in the city this weekend. Thousands of protesters are expected to show up, and the police are bracing themselves for riots. Why travel to Chicago when you can protest from the comfort of your home? Read More >>

Greenpeace Invades Apple’s Headquarters

Earlier yesterday, Greenpeace launched a full offensive against Apple's Cupertino headquarters. First, in the middle of the night, they projected messages onto the main façade of Infinite Loop. Later, they placed an Apple-branded pod right on the door, inside Apple's property. Read More >>

Anonymous Is Promising Weekly Hacks Every Friday For Your Protesting Enjoyment

The Anonymous hacking collective has been pretty busy of late protesting against copyright acts like ACTA. Recently it seems the group has been concentrating its firepower on Fridays in what it’s calling #FFF. Read More >>

Do Apple Users Care Enough to Protest Chinese Working Conditions Today?

Since it came to light how bad working conditions are in Chinese factories that make iPhones and iPads, many have muttered about boycotting Apple. If that's you, you should join a globally coordinated protest against it, which is happening today. But do you care enough? Read More >>

Wikipedia Blackout Will Screw Us All Over a Crummy US Law

Wikipedia’s going to join the blackout that’s been proposed for Wednesday this week in the US, as a protest to its much complained about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA). Unfortunately that means the rest of the world gets screwed-over too, in something that frankly doesn’t affect us Brits. Read More >>