extinction rebellion
Extinction Rebellion Cops up to the Idiocy of Last Week’s Tube Protest

Leading figures of climate activist group, Extinction Rebellion, have admitted that yes, climbing all over a train and fucking up people's days was a mistake. Read More >>

‘Grace and Frankie’ Cast Get Arrested for the Planet

Jane Fonda is not playing when it comes to climate change. The “Grace and Frankie” star (and my new hero) was arrested Friday outside the U.S. Capitol as part of her promised weekly protests called Fire Drill Fridays inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future climate strikes. Read More >>

In Unprecedented Move, Met Police Ban Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests Throughout London

Protests by climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has continued to roil cities around the world, including London. And after shutting down parts of Central London, police banned the group from conducting protests anywhere in the city on Monday evening. The move comes after eight days of protests centred on Trafalgar Square resulted in more than 1,300 arrests across the city. Read More >>

Extinction Rebellion Delays Flights in London and Snarls Traffic in New York

Solving climate change requires drastic action, and the activist group Extinction Rebellion is here for it. Read More >>

19 Climate Change Activists Arrested for Drone Protest Against Heathrow Airport Expansion

Police have now arrested at least 19 environmental activists who threatened to fly drones and disrupt air travel at Heathrow Airport in protest of the planned construction of a third runway at the UK’s main air hub, the Guardian reported on Saturday. Read More >>

Trump Balloon Returns to Flight for Summer State Visit

The Trump balloon that captivated, then ultimately slightly disappointed the nation last year by being a bit smaller than billed, is returning. The creators of the original flying protest piece are vowing to bring back the nappy/diaper-wearing Trump avatar to the skies in time for Mr Effing Orangina's state visit to the UK this summer. Read More >>

Rail Passengers Join in the Fun of Striking Today

People who rely on trains for their daily getting about the place chores are protesting today, in an attempt to make a bit of noise about the ever increasing cost of buying train tickets in the UK. Read More >>

Amazon Workers in Spain and Germany Announce Strikes Ahead of Christmas: ‘Change Must Come Now’

Following protests over workers’ rights across Europe during the Black Friday crunch last month, Amazon workers in Spain and Germany continue to strike ahead of Christmas. Multiple protests are planned over what workers and unions describe as poor work environments, anti-union tactics, and demanding conditions resulting in physical and emotional pain. Read More >>

Amazon Workers Across Europe Protest Black Friday, Citing Gruelling Work Conditions

Amazon employees across parts of Europe are striking and protesting what they describe as dangerous work conditions and anti-union tactics. The protests coincide with Black Friday, one of the busiest and most stressful days of the year for workers in retail. Read More >>

Bangladesh Blocks Mobile Internet Amid Police Crackdown on Student Protests

The Bangladeshi government has reportedly suspended 3G and 4G mobile internet services since last Saturday after more than a week of violent clashes between police and student protesters over road safety. Read More >>

Viral Photo of Stephen Hawking at a Vietnam War Protest Is a Lie

Have you seen this photo of Stephen Hawking protesting the Vietnam War in 1968? It’s a powerful image, but it’s not actually Hawking. Gizmodo has confirmed with the National Portrait Gallery in London that it doesn’t actually know who the bespectacled man with canes might be. Read More >>

Iran Moves to Block Social Media Apps, Mobile Networks as Protests Spread

The government of Iran has shut down mobile internet access and blocked apps including Telegram and Instagram after days of protests that exploded into widespread civil unrest. According to the Washington Post, at least two people are reported dead during the demonstrations, “the largest in Iran since an uprising over disputed election results shook the country eight years ago.” Read More >>

Greenpeace Protesters Strap Gas Masks on Nelson’s Column and… Thierry Henry

Love the planet? Like climbing? Fancy a protest? Boy, have we got the event for you. Greenpeace activists have decided that the best way to force the government to think about pollution is by placing surgical masks and breathing apparatus over the mouths of famous statues around London. Read More >>

Uber Cars Attacked by Furious Mob in Taxi-Driver Protest

I don’t like Uber. It’s a company that overcharges people and eschews accountability as often as possible. However, seeing an angry mob of cabbies descend upon and destroy a number of Uber cars in Mexico City actually made me feel bad for the company's drivers. Read More >>

Nitrous Oxide Enthusiasts Plan “Mass Inhalation” Event in London

The operators of the Psychedelic Society are up in arms, and it's not just a hallucination. They're furious over the possible banning of nitrous oxide under the looming Psychoactive Substances Bill and are planning a public protest in Parliament Square on August 1st. Anyone can come along and huff a balloon in the name of political activism. Read More >>