magic leap
This Is Magic Leap’s First Headset

For months, cryptic teases and rampant rumours have indicated that Magic Leap was planning some sort of big reveal related to its long overdue mixed reality headset was coming before the end of the year. On Tuesday, we finally got the look at the device we’ve been waiting for. Read More >>

This Is Reportedly the Magic Leap Prototype and It Has a Long Way to Go

Back in December, former employees of the super-secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap were circulating rumours that the company was way behind on its goals. Unless the plan is for users to wear a Ghostbusters-style proton pack, it certainly looks like that is true. Read More >>

Apple’s Clickwheel iPhone Prototype Code Has Been Discovered

A prototype iPhone operating system featuring an entirely different way of doing things has been uncovered, running something called Acorn OS and allowing for the show to be controlled by the same clickwheel interface as used by the iPods of the day. Read More >>

Fully Working iPhone 7 Test Unit Leaks

An actual iPhone 7 that works and everything has been leaked and caught on video, with the clearly final version of the handset held up for our analysis and worship. It even gives us a quick look at Apple's debug software that's running on the device. Some poor old Chinese factory worker is about to get their hands cut off for allowing this to happen. Read More >>

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Rocks Latest Hover Tests

Go go Dragon! SpaceX just posted video of its prototype Dragon 2 spacecraft testing its ability to hover. Once certified, this spacecraft will carry astronauts to the space station as part of NASA’s commercial crew program. Flights are tentatively planned to start in 2017. Read More >>

I Played Minecraft With Microsoft’s HoloLens, and it Was Bloody Impressive

When Microsoft said you’d be able to make Minecraft worlds appear in your living room with its new HoloLens headset, perhaps you squealed in glee. Or perhaps you wrote it off as smoke and mirrors. Not reality. Guess what? I just played it. Everything you saw on stage is real. Read More >>

Don’t Call it Sony: This is VAIO’s New Prototype Tablet PC

Remember when Sony decided to sell off its entire PC business in one fell swoop? It looks like that wasn't the end of the company's iconic VAIO designs. At Adobe's MAX design conference, the new VAIO Corporation showed off a brand new tablet computer aimed directly at pros. It's a beefy machine with a 12.3-inch 2K display, a stylus pen, and a detachable wireless keyboard. Read More >>

A “Prototype” iPhone 6 is Currently Selling for £37,000 on eBay

Someone who was apparently sent a non-final version of the iPhone 6 when upgrading through US network Verizon has put the thing on sale, with the prototype phone, running in developer mode and without iOS 8 installed, currently going for a five-figure price. Read More >>

This Tri-Fold Smartphone Could be the Near-Future of Foldable Tech

Folding technology is long-promised but slow to arrive. This kind of tri-fold hardware, though, might just be the how the sci-fi dream pans out over the next few years. Read More >>

There Could Be a Working, Crowd-Sourced Hyperloop Demo by 2015

By now we've all heard about genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist Elon Musk's Hyperloop idea. Commuters climb into a giant tube and are fired at five times the speed of light (OK, no, but super, super fast) towards their destination. And soon, there could be a prototype. Read More >>

Sharp Chop-Syc Chopping Board Offers Digital Distractions to Slice Your Fingers Off to

Did the Jetsons ever do any cooking, or did they just leave absolutely everything up to their robot slaves? If they ever did get around to putting their own meals together, they'd have probably used their vibro-knives to chop up ingredients on something like this, the Chop-Syc interactive chopping board. Read More >>

Apple’s Come a Long Way Since This Original MacBook Reference Design

At first glance it doesn't look like much but this thing is a reference design of the first 13-inch MacBook. Remember those from 2006? Read More >>

Taxpayers Picking Up the Bill for 600 New £266,000 Boris Buses

The exciting new modernised Routemaster that's set to roll around London is coming in at quite a cost to us lot, with the 600 updated buses, at a cost of £266,000 each, set to be paid for out of public money. Read More >>

If Only Every iPhone Came With a Death Star Logo on the Back

A prototype iPhone has popped up on eBay -- no not an iPhone 5, an ancient iPhone 4 pre-production model -- but it's sporting the most awesome-looking of logos on the back, ever. Gone is the traditional Apple logo and in with what looks like a prototype death star, or err, the protologo. Read More >>