Homebrew Hack Makes the PS Vita Your New Go-To Retro Emulator Console

Remember when you spent £230 on the PlayStation Vita, loved it for a month or two, then had a handheld-sized coffin made for it as it became abundantly clear that Sony had all-but abandoned the console's original vision of a Nintendo-rivalling machine capable of AAA experiences? Well, it might be worth finding whatever drawer you stuffed it into and giving it a dusting, as a new homebrew exploit opens up fresh potential for Sony's forgotten console. Read More >>

This PS Vita Game Bundle is Your “Ten Games for £10.99” Deal of the Day

Thanks to the advent of mobiles and tablets, handheld consoles seem a bit fusty; but there's so much fun to be had with these rascals and, most importantly, you can get them for cheap! One great little device is the PS Vita: robust enough for gaming fun and weighty enough to attack a burglar with it. Read More >>

PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) Review: Two Steps Forwards, One Step Backwards

The PS Vita sheds its baby fat as Sony looks to go on the offensive with its handheld console, following a surge of goodwill in the wake of the PlayStation 4 launch. This slimline version makes some worthy additions, but also removes one of the Vita’s standout features, swapping out its OLED for an LCD. It’s a compromise, and one that poses a bit of a dilemma for would-be owners. Read More >>

PS Vita Slim Gets UK Release Date: Better Battery Life But the Screen Gets a Downgrade

Wearers of skin-tight jeans, rejoice! Sony has just announced the launch of the PS Vita mark 2 (aka, the "Slim one") in the UK, for pocketable, bulge-free gaming. Read More >>

Zavvi Detonates its Reputation With Legal Threat to Customers Mistakenly Sent PS Vitas

Media shop Zavvi suffered a bit of an internal mix-up recently, accidentally dispatching a PS Vita console to people who'd only ordered the Vita game Tearaway. Rather than laugh it off and stomach the loss, it's demanding the return of the Vitas and is behaving rather menacingly toward those who refuse to comply. Read More >>

The “Ultimate Edition” PS4 Bundle Includes a PS Vita and Will be in Shops by New Year’s Eve

Ever since Sony mandated that all PlayStation 4 games would have to be compatible with the PS Vita handheld's Remote Play function we knew this was coming, and now it's been all-but confirmed; Sony will be offering a PS4 "Ultimate Edition" bundle that includes the PS Vita handheld just in time for Christmas. Read More >>

A PS Vita Is Today’s “Yesteryear Gaming Device” Deal of the Day

Sony's PS Vita is the hand-held console that refuses to be ignored and/or go away. While the new, larger, fixed location consoles gear up for release, the Vita is stamping its feet and waving its hands around in a bid for attention. Read More >>

Sony Reminds Everyone PS Vita Still Exists With Slimmer, Cheaper Model

Sony's Japanese hardware team has just announced a reworked PS Vita, with the slimmer and lighter model set to benefit from a small price cut. Ideal for those planning a networked gaming dream come PS4's arrival. Read More >>

A PS Vita For Just £100 Is Your “It’ll Work Marvelously With My New PS4” Deal of the Day

Woah. What about THAT? No one could have seen THAT coming, could they? One of the greatest shocks of all time. Game-changing. A jaw-drop, remember-where-you-were-when-you-saw-it moment. Barely believable. Read More >>

Sony Salvaging PS Vita With Compulsory PS4 Remote Play Connectivity

Sony's PS4 launch event made mention of plans to expand PS3's existing Remote Play features to PS4, now new comments suggest every PS4 game will be playable on the PS Vita's display through the magic of home networks. The PS Vita might be the first gaming machine to see its street price actually rise. Read More >>

Man’s Complex Urinary Habits Gamified in Men’s Room Mayhem

Men's Room Mayhem is a resource management game in the style of popular air traffic control puzzler Flight Control, only instead of aeroplanes stacked up around Las Palmas Airport you're controlling men nervously circling the only free urinal. Read More >>

PS Vita
A Load of Cheap PS Vita Games Is Your “Awww, It’s Just a Toddler” Deal of the Day

There's a birthday being celebrated today -- the PlayStation Vita is an amazing one year old! Blimey, it'll soon be walking by itself and sleeping through the night without waking up for a feed. Read More >>

PlayStation Plus Now on PS Vita Is Your Free-Games Deal of the Day

We've mentioned the PlayStation Plus monthly games bonanza before, where subscribers can suck free games and other exclusive offers into their PS3 consoles every few weeks. Read More >>

A 500GB Sony Super-Slim PS3 Is Your Everything-Streaming-and-Gaming Deal of the Day

Over on the east coast of America, they're 'battening down' the 'hatches' and 'stocking up' on tins of 'bully beef' in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Very wise -- venturing outdoors in the face of the 'Frankenstorm' would be 'very foolish indeed'. Read More >>

Turn Your Phone Into a PS Vita That Has Games You Want To Play

The PlayStation Vita has not exactly been the runaway success that Sony had hoped it would be. It's partly due to a lack of compelling games, and partly due to competition from smartphones. And the GameKlip could very well be the last nail in the Vita's coffin. Read More >>