Today Marks the Beginning of the End for Your Xbox 360 and PS3

There comes a time in every console cycle when even the most loyal of gamers has to start thinking about palliative care for their most-loved machines. For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, today is that day. Read More >>

Plex for PS4 Streams Your Dodgy Downloads to Sony’s Console

Plex, the go-to networked movie streaming service for the serial dodgy downloader, is now available as an app on the PlayStation 3 and PS4. Read More >>

Your PS4 DualShock 4 Controller Now Works Wirelessly With the PlayStation 3

Fancy going back and playing some PlayStation 3 classics like the Uncharted series or Metal Gear Solid 4, but now can't stand how the DualShock 3 controller feels after being spoilt by the PS4's DualShock 4? Fear not! You need never be tethered by the chains of wired connectivity again to enjoy the superior D-Pad and triggers of the DualShock 4 on your old Sony machine, as a new update allows the improved controller to work wirelessly with Sony's newest console. Read More >>

Watch Dogs: ‘A Hacker is the Robin Hood of Today’

When you hear the term "hacker" what image does it conjure for you? A double-chinned hoody wearing computer nerd, surrounded by PCs and empty pizza boxes? Or perhaps Jonny Lee Miller on rollerblades? For Ubisoft Montreal, the makers of the forthcoming Watch Dogs, a hacker is a modern-day hero. Read More >>

Watch Dogs Preview: Grand Theft Data

I’m sick of AK-47s. I’m sick of dragon punches. I’m sick of red shells, chainsaw-equipped Lancer rifles and Master Swords. Gaming has relied upon the same tried and tested weaponry for too long now, which is what makes Ubisoft Montreal’s forthcoming Watch Dogs so intriguing. In it, your most powerful weapon is a smartphone. Read More >>

PlayStation Now Hands On: Hey This Thing Actually Works

So PlayStation Now works. Like really. Like what the heck are you sure there isn't a PlayStation tucked away behind this TV and hidden somehow behind this Vita works. It's incredible because it doesn't feel incredible, if that makes any sense. You can play streaming games without any game console, and that's pretty damn impressive. Read More >>

PlayStation Now Brings Gaikai PS3, PS2 Game Streaming to PS4, but UK Will Have to Wait

With the PlayStation 4 lacking any built-in backwards compatibility features, classic PS3 and PS2 games were promised to be coming to the console via a streaming service, developed by Gaikai. That service, now called PlayStation Now, will be ready by the summer -- so long as you live in the US. Read More >>

Gran Turismo 6‘s Engines Stall as £120 Micro-Transactions for Cars Revealed

Micro-transactions in games aren't necessarily a bad thing -- I no longer have the time to hunt down every secret in every game, and if dropping fifty pence here and there enhances a game for me by saving a few hours of gameplay grind, that's fair enough. But £120 for an in-game digital car? That's just taking the piss. Read More >>

A PS3 and Three Top-Notch Games is Your ‘Under £200’ Deal of the Day

The best thing about the launch of new consoles is that retailers start falling over each other in a bid to flog the soon-to-be-outdated models at us for stupid prices. Of course, since very few people are daft enough to be early adopters, that means we can take advantage of these desperate berks. Read More >>

Dogs and Guns! Cheapest Places to Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts

Unleash the dogs of war! Call of Duty: Ghosts launches today, with the annual frag-fest bringing a helicopter-downing mutt along for the ride this time too. Knowing that plenty of gamers will be wanting to get their hands on Infinity Ward's latest shooter, there are deals aplenty floating around UK stores. And we've got the best of them collected here. Read More >>

Is Sony Right to Demand Beyond: Two Souls‘ Nude Shots of (Not Actually) Ellen Page be Taken Offline?

Phone hacking celebrities to get hold of their saucy sexting pics (as any followers of the Giz "Related Posts" banner will know) is not all that unusual these days. But as Ellen Page, star of PS3 game Beyond: Two Souls, is finding out, the world of game-hacking for nudes is even weirder. Read More >>

A PS3 FIFA 14 Bundle is Your “Sort It Out Referee!” Deal of the Day

It's all going mental in video game world, where every console maker and game designer is cooing at the populace, fluttering their eyelashes and wearing push-up bras in a bid to woo you into bed. Of course, being the common tarts we all are, we'll ride with whoever is cheapest, and there's loads of great deals today. Read More >>

Rockstar Hopes to Fix GTA Online Car Crash Launch With Patch Today (Updated)

It may be one of the most successful single player games of all time, but Grand Theft Auto 5's multiplayer mode GTA Online has had the sort of launch that'd make Joe Pesci's character from Casino reach for a pen. From server errors to game-breaking glitches, it's been a rough start for the online portion of the game, but the worst may soon be over, say developers Rockstar. Read More >>

Ready to Pay the Annual FIFA Tax? Cheapest Places to Buy FIFA 14

You've had the pleasure of playing FIFA 14 on your iOS and Android devices absolutely free for the past few days, but you're going to have to cough up the cash if you're looking to nab a copy of the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions. On sale today, we've hunted down the cheapest UK high street deals (and a handful of prices from the biggest online names too) to help you keep some cash in your pocket this weekend. Read More >>

GTA V Raked in a Staggering £495m in Day One Sales

Grand Theft Auto V managed to pay for itself by lunchtime on launch day, with publisher Take-Two revealing the fairly popular game raked in an amazing $800 million from day one sales. In terms of actual numbers, retail watcher Chart-Track says it shifted a record 1.57m units on launch day in the UK alone. [Take-Two] Read More >>