The Opening of Detroit: Become Human Is Some Dumb-Butt Science Fiction

The concerns at the heart of Detroit: Become Human are readily apparent almost from the very start: the existential crisis faced by androids that look and behave like people but are treated like things. But its lofty ambitions get hamstrung at the very start by some incredibly heavy-handed moments of shlock. Read More >>

Sony Makes An Effort To Make Video Streaming Less Frustrating

You can't please humans, we've now got to the point where we can basically watch an unlimited about of TV over the internet. But we're not happy, and why? Because we have to jump in and out of different apps, that's why. So Sony is making a change to the PS4 which will see all your video in one place. Read More >>

Here Are Some Of The Highlights From PSX

The Playstation Experience just wrapped up in Anaheim, California, with a huge list of new games, re-releases, remasters and sequels. If you're looking to catch up, here's what you might have missed: Read More >>

PS4 Pro Is the Most Powerful Console Ever Built, But You Might Not Notice

There’s a moment playing Infamous First Light, as the heroine made of light climbs up a wall in pitch black darkness, that I fully appreciate the hype around the PS4 Pro. The woman is a multicoloured bundle of light particles and thanks to HDR, I can make out each particle and note the way they each cast their own vibrant glow on on the red brick wall. Normally, she’d be a big blob of light, but high dynamic range gives you details in moments of extreme brightness and extreme darkness. I’m watching the next big step in video games, and it is extraordinary. Read More >>

How To Make Your PS4 or Xbox One Look Like a Retro NES

Let’s be real for a second: The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One designs are hideous. Both are great gaming consoles, but their cases employ the same look of every generic VCR from the 1980s. Thankfully, Etsy store-owner Decalgirl has a fix for that problem. Read More >>

The Non-Existing PS4 Slim Has Now Been Taken Apart on Video

That slimline PS4 that Sony still hasn't officially announced has now been acquired, taken apart and exposed to the world by one of those looky-insidey sites, meaning that we can now see the inner workings of the machine that technically doesn't even exist. Read More >>

PS4 Slim Definitely a Real Thing, Yours Today Through eBay Scalpers for £400

If you want to pay an extortionate price to buy something that's sole reason to exist is to be cheap, great news! The redesigned slimline PS4 that leaked earlier this week is now for sale in slightly larger quantities, with the thing popping up on eBay for prices upwards of £400. Read More >>

Sony Brings ‘Full’ PC and Mac Love to DualShock 4 With New Dongle

The dongle. Nothing’s sexier than the dongle. Well aware of the fact, Sony’s just unveiled the DualShock 4 USB wireless adaptor, a $24.99 (£19) stick that’s set to land on September 15th. Read More >>

That PS4 Slim Seems to be the Real Deal

Eurogamer seems to have confirmed the PS4 Slim on Gumtree was the real deal. How? By sending someone round to the buyer to look at it. They promise to have more on the updated console soon. Read More >>

Supposed PS4 Slim Leaks Online [Updated]

Update (15:44): Eurogamer claims to have confirmed the PS4 Slim on Gumtree was the real deal. They promise to have more on it soon. It looks like my conclusion was completely wrong, but you can't blame me for being sceptical. It'll be interesting to get a proper look and see how the new console actually compares to its older brother. Read More >>

The Moment No Man’s Sky Turned Me Into That Matthew McConaughey GIF

Yep. You know the one. The Interstellar one. This one: Read More >>

best e3 2016 game trailers
Report: PS4 Neo to Launch on September 7th

We know it's coming – it's even been confirmed by Sony CEO Andrew House already. But we may be getting our first proper glimpse of the PS4K, the PlayStation Neo, next month according to a new report. Read More >>

No Man’s Sky Launch Day Patch is Bloody Huge (In a Good Way)

Five years in the making, the infinite digital space of sci-fi explorathon No Man's Sky is finally almost here. Launching tomorrow, the game that you'll find on your disc is but a mere shadow of the complete picture however, with the details of a huge day one patch just been revealed by Sean Murray, the top dog over at developer Hello Games. Read More >>

Today Marks the Beginning of the End for Your Xbox 360 and PS3

There comes a time in every console cycle when even the most loyal of gamers has to start thinking about palliative care for their most-loved machines. For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, today is that day. Read More >>

All the Best E3 2016 Game Trailers – From Xbox One to PS4 to PC

The big boys have have strutted their stuff on the E3 2016 stage, and we've now got a good idea of the gaming landscape for the next 12 months and beyond. There's been a lot to sift through, and whittling down the best E3 2016 game trailers has revealed a very healthy flow of games heading to your preferred systems of choice, be that PS4, Xbox or PC. Read More >>