Here’s Your Friendly Reminder That San Diego Comic Con Starts Today

Despite the fact news has been trickling in over the past couple of days, today is the day that the biggest event in the geek calendar officially begins. San Diego Comic Con is chock full of news from the world of TV, film, comics, video games, and nerdy toys, most of which we usually cover on Giz UK in some limited capacity. Because there's going to be so much of it, there are going to be some changes to our regularly scheduled content. Read More >>

PSA: The Pixel Buds’ Wire is Important, So Don’t be the Moron That Cuts It

Properly wireless earbuds are all the rage these days, with Samsung, Apple, and other big name companies releasing their own totally-wire-free audio pods. Google said to hell with that, and released a pair of earbuds with a wire attached - for reasons they haven't fully revealed. Read More >>

Don’t Use the New Fivers to Snort Drugs, Unless You Want to Get ‘Winstoned’

Snorting drugs with a rolled up bank note is a tradition that's been with us for as long as bank notes and casual drug use have been around. But these new plastic fivers are putting a damper on things, with cocaine users finding themselves getting 'Winstoned'. Read More >>

PSA: Your Instagram Stories Are Public 

Instagram did such a good job of completely ripping off Snapchat’s stories feature that you might think the two features work exactly the same. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: your Instagram stories are totally public. Read More >>

Now You Can Download Your Google History — Or Better Yet, Delete It

You can now download your entire Google search history to your computer. Cool feature? That’s what I thought at first. And then I realised there were dangerous things in my search history — things way worse than my taste in porn. Read More >>

PSA: The Dangers of Binge Watching

Binge watching is a very real problem, affecting millions of people every day. Don't let it destroy your life, too. Read More >>

Don’t Text and Drive Because You Might Crash into a Manure Truck

So we might have found Biff Tannen. A guy in the US was texting and driving a Ford Mustang convertible when BAM... he crashed into a tractor pulling a trailer "full of liquid manure". Yikes, that might actually be worse than Biff's fate in Back to the Future. Read More >>

The Most Terrifying Anti Drink-Driving Stunt You’ll Ever See

Sometimes the best way to drive a point home is pure, abject terror. And that's the approach Leo Burnett London used in this latest "Think" ad that shows a rather extreme way to discourage drinking and driving. Read More >>

PSA: Don’t Let Your Friends Sign Into Google On Your Computer

In the summer of 2010 Google rolled out multiple log-ins. It was a fabulous thing for those who didn't want to run multiple browsers in order to have simultaneous access to Google-powered personal and work accounts. Merging your own accounts is one thing, but can you imagine accidentally merging yours with someone else's? It's kind of a pain in the arse to fix. Read More >>

This Ad Gets Eaten Away By Bugs To Show the Dangers Of Crack Cocaine

In an attempt to illustrate the harmful effects of using crack cocaine, Talent, a Brazilian ad agency created a series of posters featuring images of addicts that are slowly eaten away and destroyed by Flour beetle larvae—or mealworms. Read More >>

Windows 8
windows 8
PSA: Buy Windows 8 Now If You’re Ever Going to Need It

Currently Microsoft's punting Windows 8 at a rather bargainous £25 a shot, but after tomorrow, it's going to jack that price right up to around the £120 mark. If you're ever likely to need an install of Windows, buy it now. Windows 8 really isn't that bad, for £25 that is. Read More >>

This Has Gone Too Far: Gangnam Style is Killing People

Ok, look. We've had some fun. We did some parodies, rode our invisible horses in some seriously weird flash mobs -- even had a live wallpaper. But enough. No jokes. People are actually dying. This has gone too far. Read More >>

Your Breath Has Harmful Acids That Can Damage Your Camera Lens

I can't even count how many times I used my breath to fog up a camera lens to wipe it down clean. It's the photog equivalent of blowing into those old NES cartridges. I swear it works! Turns out, we might be ruining our camera lenses because our breath has harmful acids that can damage them. Read More >>

[YourName]@ Could Actually Be Your New Email Address

What good is a Gmail account if you love crispy fried chicken and can also have a customised @CrownFriedChicken address? Because if you consider yourself a member of the Crown Fried Chicken Family (and even if you don't think you are, you totally definitely are), you can soon have your own email address proclaiming that you belong to House Crown. Seriously. Seriously. Read More >>

Even in 1995, We Knew What the Internet Would be Good For: Scholarly Pursuits…and Cats

This is great, just great. Laughing Squid has unearthed a glistening gem of a PSA from 1995. What is it PSAing? The Internet. The Internet, you ask? Yes, it is simply encouraging you to get your stonewash denim-era ass in gear and on the Internet. Read More >>