Not Only Are Goop’s Vaginal Jade Eggs Useless, They’re Not Even an Ancient Remedy, Study Finds

In these trying times, it’s nice to know some scams are as painfully obvious as they seem. According to a new study, vaginal jade eggs aren’t an ancient Chinese remedy for women’s sexual problems, as promoters often claim they are – they’re actually a modern invention. Read More >>

This Year’s ‘Worst Pseudoscience Award’ Goes to Anti-Vax Fraud Andrew Wakefield

Around this time last year The Skeptic Magazine awarded its Rusty Razor Award, designed to highlight the world's worst pseudoscience, to Gwyneth Paltrow's 'wellness' brand Goop. Because it had been peddling a bunch of non-scientific shit, some of which led to the company being fined for false advertising. The award is back again as part of this year's 'Ockham Awards', and it's just been announced that the infamous anti-vax activist (and former Doctor) Andrew Wakefield is the recipient. Read More >>

Crowdfunding Sites Are Putting Money in the Pockets of Cancer Quacks, Report Finds

It’s become a heartbreakingly common sight on the internet: People using crowdfunding sites to raise money for their expensive health care, including cancer treatment. But a new report published Wednesday in the BMJ suggests that desperate people are often using this money to pursue dubious, possibly dangerous treatments from unscrupulous charlatans. Read More >>

Homeopath Says She Used Dog Rabies Saliva to ‘Cure’ Misbehaving 4-Year-Old, Gets Yelled at by Everyone

A Canadian naturopath is feeling the heat after she published a blog post about treating a young child’s behavioural problems with a homeopathic remedy made from the saliva of a rabid dog. But it’s really only the latest episode to highlight the absurdity of the popular alternative “medicine.” Read More >>

National Geographic Just Sent Me a Crystal Healing Water Bottle

Hi, National Geographic, it’s me, Ryan. I got your package today and I guess I’m wondering — why did you send me a pseudoscientific crystal healing water bottle with your name on it? Read More >>

dna testing
The Search for the Olympian Gene

In 2014, the former Soviet nation of Uzbekistan announced a plan that it hoped would give it a leg up in future Olympic games: It would DNA test Uzbek children to determine their athletic potential. Read More >>

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Named Worst Pseudoscience Of The Year

The "wellness" brand Goop, which is owned by Gwyneth Paltrow has not had a good year. Over the last several months, the brand has made headlines for promoting some truly bad and weird ideas... and now the company has been justly rewarded. Read More >>

Think We’re Living in a Computer Simulation? Prove It

Science doesn’t have all the answers. There are plenty of things it and may never prove, like whether there’s a God. Or whether we’re living in a computer simulation, something proposed by Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom and others, and maybe your stoned friend Chad last week. Read More >>

The Next Pseudoscience Health Craze Is All About Genetics

Recently, Vitaliy Husar received results from a DNA screening that changed his life. It wasn’t a gene that suggested a high likelihood of cancer or a shocking revelation about his family tree. It was his diet. It was all wrong. Read More >>

Japan’s ‘Scientific’ Whaling Programme Sucks

Once again, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) has attempted to create a South Atlantic sanctuary for whales. And once again, it has been thwarted by a pro-whaling coalition led by Nordic nations and Japan—which, in blatant disregard of the UN’s International Court, continues to slaughter whales by the thousands for bullshit “scientific research” purposes. Read More >>

Teen Who ‘Discovered’ Lost Maya City Says Scientists Are Jealous

Last month, Canadian teen William Gadoury created a sensation by claiming to have discovered a lost Maya city using star maps. Experts said it was utter nonsense and quickly shrugged it off. Gadoury has now spoken to National Geographic, and it’s clear the teen is not backing down. Read More >>

giz explains
An A-to-Z Guide to Bullshit Alternative Medicine on YouTube

There’s a weird mark on your face. It wasn’t there last week, and it’s spreading at an alarming rate. Your local GP is a quack, so you search the internet for help, and before you know it, you’re dropping £10,000 to “reprogram your DNA.” Read More >>

Scientists Are Still Arguing About That Chopra Bullshit Study

Remember last November when Canadian scientists published a study using the tweets of Deepak Chopra to demonstrate how some people can interpret utter bullshit as deeply profound observations? It’s now sparked a counter-argument and a sharp rejoinder—two respectable scientists arguing about the meaning (or lack thereof) of bullshit. Read More >>

Deepak Chopra Thinks Stomach Bacteria Listens to Your Thoughts

Questionable-tweet publisher Deepak Chopra is at it again, this time spouting his patented food nonsense at the “Fat Summit” online conference. While speaking to celebrity doctor and alternative medicine enthusiast Mark Hyman, Chopra explained that the vast collection of microbes in our gut are actually capable of listening to our thoughts. Read More >>

Creepy Miniature Heads Think They Know Your Personality Traits

These creepy miniature heads — 60 in all — are a fascinating relic of a short-lived fad in the 18th century called phrenology. They’re currently housed at the Science Museum in London. Phrenology was basically a pseudoscientific approach to determining someone’s personality traits and intellectual capacity by feeling for bumps on that person’s head. Read More >>