Sony Patent Shows PSVR Controllers with Finger Tracking

While we've all been getting mega-hyped for the PlayStation 5, Sony has been quietly working on new ideas for its virtual reality product, PSVR. Read More >>

There’s “No Reason” for a PSVR 2 to Launch Alongside the PS5, Says Sony

Sony has confirmed that we won't be seeing a second iteration of the PSVR when it launches the PS5 because there's just "no reason”. The PS5 needs time to bask in the limelight on its own. Read More >>

black friday
PlayStation’s Announced Its Black Friday Deals

Sony's PlayStation deals for Black Friday have gone live, and they include deals on PlayStation VR, PlayStation Plus, and a whole load of games. Read More >>

Skyrim VR is Everything Wrong With Virtual Reality Right Now

As I powered up the PSVR to play the recently released Skyrim VR, I wondered whether this was yet another company’s lazy cash grab exploiting a new tech fad, or a genuine new step for the franchise. This was my third first time playing it. First released in 2011, the same exact game now had four releases across half a dozen systems, with only minor graphical upgrades. While the transition from PS3 to PS4 didn’t exactly leave me floored, it seemed the transition to VR could potentially be its most radical reformulation yet. Read More >>

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Sony is Taking the PSVR on Tour to Try and Add Them to Everyone’s Christmas List

Last Christmas the PSVR was in very high demand, which took a lot of people by surprise for some reason. This year Sony is no doubt hoping that the situation is pretty similar, but just in case everyone had forgotten the PSVR is a thing it's taking the headset on a tour of the UK. Read More >>

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There’s a New PSVR Headset Coming, But the Updates are Minor

It's been nearly a year since the PSVR first hit shop shelves, and Sony is marking that occasion (intentionally or not) with a slightly updated version of the headset. After all if HTC can release a Vive with minor upgrades, why can't Sony? Read More >>

PlayStation’s VR Gun is a Deeply Satisfying New Way to Slaughter Aliens

I played a lot of make-believe as a child. I’d take my dad’s spare gun holster and draw guns made of air from it, or steal my sister’s cape, emblazoned with an S for her first name, and fly around like Superman. But you reach a point where making pew pew noises becomes gauche. So as an adult, if you want to play make believe without getting committed, you’ll need something like PlayStation VR’s Aim Controller. Read More >>

PSVR Works as an HDMI Display for Any Old Games Console

People bravely and selflessly seeing what happens when you plug things into other things the manual makes no mention of have found some useful extra functionality within PSVR -- it has a similar 2D cinema mode to the other VR headsets, only this one works with any valid HDMI output. Read More >>

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PlayStation VR Gets a Proper Release Date and Loads of New Games, Too

With Microsoft nailing its E3 announcement yesterday (despite the fact everything leaked beforehand and WWDC was happening at the same time), it was time for Sony to step up the the plate this morning. It didn’t disappoint. Read More >>

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PlayStation VR: Price, Release Date and Everything Else You Need to Know

Sony has revealed almost everything we need to know about the upcoming PlayStation VR headset, announcing an official release date and teasing a handful of games for its virtual reality headset at its E3 conference in LA. It’ll hit the market later this year, going up against the marvellous Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Oh, and the Samsung Gear VR too. Read More >>