Why Acid Trips Last So Very, Very Long

People who have “experimented” with LSD know that its mind-altering effects can last upwards of 18 to 24 hours, which is unusual for a hallucinogenic drug. After nearly 30 years of research, scientists have finally mapped the physical structure of this fascinating molecule, revealing why it tends to linger in the brain. Read More >>

Magic Mushrooms Are Weirdly Effective at Making Cancer Less Miserable

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, is remarkably effective at reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and other forms of mental anguish in cancer patients, according to a pair of new studies. Read More >>

LSD Can Mess With the Language Centers in Your Brain

The stereotype of late 1960s authors and musicians is that certain drugs can help to expand the mind and make the user more creative. As someone who has never taken psychedelics, I can’t know this for sure, but a recent study seems to be the first step in displaying scientific evidence in support of that claim. Read More >>

Here’s How Psychedelic Drugs Rewire Your Brain

The image to the left is of the traffic inside a normal brain, thinking about things like crisps, football, money and what to say on Twitter that's both funny and politically correct. The brain to the right is a carefree one on a psychedelic drug, illustrating how much the connections in our heads can be rewired by magic mushrooms. [Wired] Read More >>