Geneticists Are Untangling the Mystery of Left-Handedness

A series of genetic variants can influence handedness, according to a new paper. Read More >>

New LSD Research May Help Explain the Brain Chemistry of Depression and Schizophrenia

Anyone who’s taken the psychedelic drug LSD (formally known as lysergic acid diethylamide), or had the joy of listening to their favourite relative talk about it over Christmas dinner, knows it can be a utterly bonkers experience. A small new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience seems to offer some insight into what’s happening in the brain while we’re on a LSD trip. And it might even provide a hint as to how certain mental disorders develop. Read More >>

Here’s How VR is Being Used to Treat Severe Paranoia

Who knew that strapping a chunky headset to someone’s face and transporting them into an unsettlingly real-feeling virtual scenario would prove a great way to tackle severe paranoia? A bunch of brainy researchers at the University of Oxford that can see beyond gaming is who. Read More >>

A New Kinect-Based Digital Therapist Can Diagnose Depression Using Body Language

Going to a therapist in itself already makes a many people uncomfortable, but what if their wise and licensed confidant was actually just a fancy, upgraded Sim? Well, we may not have to wait too long to find out—a new computer program is already planning to be your depression-diagnosing assistant shrink. Read More >>

Genetic Atlas Yields a Brainbow of Cognitive Information

Scientists have created the first genetic "atlas" of the human brain, and the result is a very pretty Skittles-esque map of the brain as a rainbow. A brainbow. Read More >>