Psychic Terrorist Uri Geller Claims Responsibility for Parliamentary Leak

Self-certified psychic Uri Geller says he's taking the Brexit disruption process into his own hands, and is claiming responsibility for the leak in parliament yesterday that disrupted our perpetual state of politics. Read More >>

Psychics Fail Halloween Mind-Reading Challenge and Blame… Lack of Eye Contact

A scientific test into the claims of psychics has ended in failure, with some supposed mediums failing to demonstrate any evidence of mind-reading abilities whatsoever. Read More >>

This Lady Just Predicted the Future—Or at Least the Weather—with Asparagus

Jemima Packington was born with the gift of foresight. Unfortunately, that future-vision is only legible by reading the positions of thrown asparagus. That's right—she's an asparamancer and she just foretold the births of our two royal heirs and our imminent trouncing of the rest of the world in the 2012 Olympics. Read More >>