Here’s How to Download Over 100,000 Artworks from Paris Museums for Free Online

Art lovers now have more than 100,000 works of art from Paris museums at their fingertips to download and use as they please, courtesy of a recently announced initiative from the Paris Musées. Read More >>

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Movies, Music, and Books That Enter the Public Domain Today

Today isn’t just a day to nurse your hangover from New Year’s Eve – it’s also a day to celebrate the public domain. Movies, books, music, and more from 1924 are all entering the public domain today, meaning that you’re free to download, upload, and share these titles however you see fit. And it’s completely legal. Read More >>

Wikipedia-Scanning Bot Suggests Popular Public Domain Reads

Not sure what public domain book to try next now you've given up on Moby Dick for the 23rd time? An algorithm that scans Wikipedia and attempts to rate the popularity of authors might be able to help suggest the next impenetrable copyright-free classic to whack on your Kindle. Read More >>

US Author Challenges Sherlock Holmes Copyright and Wants to Churn Out His Own Holmes Books

Many of the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are reaching the end of their 100-year copyright period, meaning the books become public domain and may be freely shared. But what of the characters they contain? Can anyone now write their own Sherlock Holmes book based upon the deductive cocaine/nicotine addict? Read More >>