Hong Kong Subway Study Shows How Quickly Bacteria Travel Across a City

If you’re one of the billions of people worldwide to use mass public transit regularly, you’re sharing a lot more than a commute with your fellow passengers, suggests a new study published today in Cell Reports. You’re also sharing and swapping the teeming microbes that call our bodies home. Read More >>

Does Your Community Have These Happy Neighbourhood Traits?

Certain aspects of a neighbourhood, including its ethnic diversity and the availability of public transit, are associated with better reported well-being among residents, according to a study published Wednesday in PLOS One. Read More >>

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Driverless Bus Goes on Rolling Rampage in Brooklyn

Everybody makes mistakes. Like, for instance, let’s say you drive a bus, and you just finished a night shift, and you stop, and you’re tired, and maybe you accidentally put the bus in neutral instead of park on top of a hill, and you hop off and start walking home. And, yes, maybe the bus starts rolling down the hill. It’s an honest mistake. Could happen to anyone. Read More >>

Here’s What the First Full-Scale Test of the Hyperloop Will Look Like

Later today, in the Nevada desert, one of the companies working to develop a hyperloop will deliver a proof of concept—the first full-scale demonstration of the transportation technology that will be able to travel at speeds over 300 mph, radically changing the future of transit along the way. Read More >>

Someone Finally Found a Good Use For Trams

They tend to work better in some cities than others, but we can all agree that using trams to knock down giant bowling pins is easily the best use of taxpayer money. Read More >>

This Is the Totally Wrong Way to Think About Self-Driving Cars

I’m no fan of cars, as you might have guessed from some of my previous stories. But I do believe that better technology—namely the kind that will prevent humans from driving them—can make cars, and our world, better. Read More >>

This Collection of Bad Transport Maps Will Drive You Around the Bend

A well-designed public transport map is a wonderful thing: clean, clear, simple and intuitive. A bad one, however, will serve to confuse you until you no longer know which in which direction you’re headed. Read More >>

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What is the Most Obnoxious Behavior You’ve Seen on Public Transport?

Manspreading—the phenomenon where males require extra room on trains for their oversized scrotums—has been in the news lately with several reports of men being arrested on the New York City subway for occupying more than one seat. It's an "offence" seen on UK tubes, and even the celebrities of Game of Thrones are culprits. But surely this isn’t the worst offense committed on our public transportation systems? Read More >>

90 Per Cent of New York City’s Subway Stations are Falling Apart

The New York State Comptroller just released a report on the condition of New York City subway stations. It's bad. It's really bad. Read More >>

This Map Shows You the Fastest Way to Get Anywhere in Your City

Conventional wisdom (especially when it's raining) whispers in your ear that you can get anywhere in your city fastest by jumping in a car. Turns out in many cases, that is probably not true. Now you can easily see which mode of transit will deliver you to your destination faster, wherever you are. Read More >>

Adorable Tokyo Metro Posters Remind Passengers to be Polite

Since 1974, Tokyo's Metro has created cute, quirky posters for their subway system to remind passengers of proper etiquette. Each fiscal year they roll out a new set of characters as the ambassadors of good manners, and for 2014 they've just revealed a new mascot (he's the lion in the centre poster). Read More >>

Smog is Forcing France to Rethink its Love of Diesel

Last week, the smog in Paris got so bad, city officials made public transit free and banned half the city's cars from the road. The vehicle ban only lasted a day, with the reduced traffic and changing weather patterns alleviating the smog situation. But why did the smog get so bad in the first place? Blame France's long love affair with diesel-powered vehicles—an affair the country will probably have to end, or at least modify, to prevent further smog emergencies. Read More >>

A Plan to Turn Abandoned Underground Stations into Pools, Bars, and More

Abandoned underground stations have long been the playgrounds of squatters and urban explorers alike, but one French politician has higher hopes. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a candidate for mayor of Paris, wants to turn them into entertainment and sports venues. Read More >>

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All Subways Should Be as Pretty as Berlin’s

Taking the underground can be a nightmare, a confusing, smelly, litter-ridden nightmare. But it's not always that way. Berlin's subway, as it turns out, has some beautiful sights, and you can catch them all in an awesome tumblr devoted to the tubes. Read More >>

Alien Invaders Will Apparently Arrive In Stylish Bus Shelters

No one's entirely sure what the aliens who will inevitably invade our planet will look like. But if movies have taught us anything, their spacecraft will probably look a lot like this stunning bus station in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Read More >>