We’ve All Been Stuffing Ourselves Onto Overcrowded Trains for No Reason

According to an investigation carried out by Channel 4's Dispatches, a number of train carriages that are in a condition to be rolled out into service, are sitting about doing nothing. Read More >>

Public Transport In Luxembourg Is Now Free And We Will Be Moving Forthwith

As if rail fares going up 3% isn't bad enough, now Luxembourg's gone and made us even grumpier with the state of UK public transport by making all its trains, trams and buses completely free. Read More >>

Escaped Snake Skips Fare on Shipley Bus

Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him? Forget snakes on a plane — public transport users in West Yorkshire had a shock when a two-foot long corn snake was found at the back of a bus. Read More >>

We Took This Little Autonomous Bus Around The Olympic Park

London is currently crawling with autonomous vehicle trials. In Greenwich, Oxbotica recently trialled autonomous shuttle buses. In Lewisham and Southwark, Starship Technologies is seeing if robots could one day deliver our takeaways. In Woolwich, Ocado is testing autonomous delivery vans. In Newham, Nissan recently trialled fully autonomous electric cars. And now, in the Olympic Park in Stratford, a company called Keolis is trying out a little autonomous shuttle bus made by a company called Navya. Read More >>

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Why Don’t We All Just Stop Staring At Each Other’s Screens?

One of the more annoying things about public transport is that you can rarely maintain any sense of privacy when using your gadgets. It can be maddening when you have to work or communicate and someone keeps looking at your notebook's screen. Read More >>

Peterborough is the Pits for Public Transport

According to the Campaign for Better Transport, Peterborough is the hardest city in the UK to get around without a car, due to generally crappy public transport infrastructure fuelled by a poor history of planning. Read More >>

This Animated GIF Perfectly Sums Up Why No One Should Ever Drive a Car

It's not complicated, really. Public transportation makes more sense than driving. Why? Because driving is an inefficient use of resources. Because driving is soul sucking. Because we can fit an unbelievable number of drivers and would-be cars into one bus. Read More >>

9 Classic Posters From the London Tube’s 150 Year History

The London Underground secured a place in the pantheon of good graphic design with engineer Harry Beck’s topologic Tube Map from 1933. In addition to that icon, however, the transit system has a pretty substantial history of bringing top-notch visuals to the subterranean masses; posters promoting everything from the Underground’s pleasant temperature control—cooler on hot days and warmer when it’s foggy!—to motor shows to the Regent’s Park Zoo have adorned station walls (and delighted passengers) for decades. Read More >>

Hyperloop Alpha: This Could Change Public Transport Forever

Inventor-entrepreneur-mad-scientist, Elon Musk just released an alpha design of his vision for the future of high-speed public transport. This is our first look at the Hyperloop. After teasing the concept for months, we're finally going to be able to figure out if this is a fantasy — or the beginning of our new reality. Read More >>

Alien Invaders Will Apparently Arrive In Stylish Bus Shelters

No one's entirely sure what the aliens who will inevitably invade our planet will look like. But if movies have taught us anything, their spacecraft will probably look a lot like this stunning bus station in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. Read More >>

Google Maps Can Now Tell You To Take the Train (Updated)

Google’s partnered up with to bundle mainline train information into Google Maps in the UK. If you're carless, Google can now helpfully suggest getting the train instead of walking from Edinburgh to London. Read More >>

London’s Neo Routemaster Arrives, Due in Service Next February

The first of the new London buses that will replace the ditched bendy bus has arrived in town, with the Routemaster-inspired, hybrid-powered double decker ready for private testing prior to launch. Read More >>

London’s Bendy Buses Binned by Boris Today

Today is the last day those of you in London will see the notorious 'Bendy Bus' in service, with the fleet of articulated people carriers being taken out of service after one final Friday night of ferrying drunk people home. Read More >>