The Cursed History of NYC MetroCards

If you’ve ridden the New York City subway, you know the feeling. You buy a flimsy plastic card that lets you ride the train, and when you try to swipe it at the turnstile, it doesn’t work. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again at the same turnstile. This can go on for hours, until you beg an MTA employee to let you through. That’s the cursed MetroCard experience, and as of last week, its days are numbered. Read More >>

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Driverless Bus Goes on Rolling Rampage in Brooklyn

Everybody makes mistakes. Like, for instance, let’s say you drive a bus, and you just finished a night shift, and you stop, and you’re tired, and maybe you accidentally put the bus in neutral instead of park on top of a hill, and you hop off and start walking home. And, yes, maybe the bus starts rolling down the hill. It’s an honest mistake. Could happen to anyone. Read More >>

China Actually Built That Crazy Traffic-Straddling Bus

For years China’s been toying with the idea of building a massive bus that straddles multiple lanes of cars to move commuters without creating a traffic mess. To date, it’s only existed as fancy computer renders and animations. But starting today a real-life version starts testing in Qinhuangdao, China. Read More >>

The World’s First Bus Service Was Pulled by Horses

If you got to work by bus today, you can thank, or blame, Stanislaus Baudry. Baudry lived in the town of Nantes in France at a time when you either had your own carriage, hired a cab to get you from one specific place to another, or walked. The industrial age was really kicking off, which meant large groups of people had to move in roughly the same direction at roughly the same time. It occurred to Baudry, in 1823, that they might be happy to spend less money than they would on a cab, and less energy than they would on a walk. Read More >>

Japanese Six-Year-Olds Can Ride Trains Alone Thanks to the Country’s Amazing Infrastructure

Over at The Atlantic’s CityLab, there’s a great post about how Japanese kids can run errands around town and take public transportation free of worry or supervision. It’s thanks to the country’s incredible infrastructure and culture of safety. Read More >>

Watch How Bolivia Built the World’s Longest Urban Cable Car System

In most parts of the world, cable cars are relegated to ski areas or amusement parks. But in South America, cities use the gondolas to navigate undulating terrain as public transportation. This fall, two more lines will open in Bolivia's La Paz-El Alto network, making it the longest urban cable car system in the world. Read More >>

New Android Feature Wakes You Up for Your Bus or Train Stop

Android Police just discovered a cool new Google Now feature: when you're taking public transportation, you can set an alarm to make sure you don't sleep through your stop. No more waking up stranded at the end of the line! Read More >>

Google’s Self-Driving Car is the Future We Need

In the aftermath of Google's unexpected unveiling of its very own steering wheel-free, the internet is dripping again with opinions about self-driving cars. Read More >>

These Seven Bizarre Bus Stops are all in the Same Tiny Austrian Town

Krumbach, a tiny, 1000-person village in Austria, has some of the most avant-garde bus stops in the world. In exchange for a weeklong holiday in the village, seven architects designed bus stops that are alternately whimsical, weird, and dazzling. Read More >>

A Tie with a Hidden Tokyo Subway Map is Nerdy and Brilliant

Nobody likes looking like a tourist, especially in their hometown—but with a public transportation system as complex as Tokyo's, sometimes a map is entirely necessary. Need a simple solution to avoid getting lost while looking like a native? Wear your map in a hidden place. Read More >>

Here’s How Google Installed a Monorail In Its Australian Offices

Do you ever joke around with your coworkers about how cool it would be to build desks out of old cars or have meetings on a houseboat? Maybe not, but if you work at Google, you might want to start—because they might actually make your weird office dreams a reality. Read More >>

Adelaide’s Solar Buses Could Be the World’s Greenest Public Transports

Australia has wholeheartedly embraced solar power over the last few years, with usage exploding 10 fold between 2009 and 2011 and the price per watt falling to less than half that of grid power. Now, the southern Australian city of Adelaide is taking the unprecedented step of powering its public transit system solely through solar as well. Read More >>

HopStop Live!: It’s Like Waze But For Public Transportation

There's nothing more convenient than having your own set of wheels but sometimes public transportation is really the only way to go. It's cheaper, and in some instances faster, but it's also prone to a lot of delays. Have friends in London? Read More >>