Facebook Called Itself a ‘Publisher’ in Court After Repeatedly Rejecting the Label in Public

For years, Facebook has insisted that it isn’t a publisher or media company but rather is just a platform. That position appears to have changed in a recent court appearance. The Guardian pointed out the social media giant’s legal defence referred to it as a publisher to bolster its case in a lawsuit. Read More >>

Desperate Publishers Are Paying Celebrities to Post Their Articles on Facebook 

It seems that some publishers have found a nice little loophole to avoid violating Facebook’s terms of service for sponsored content. An entire industry has popped up around paying celebrities to share articles without indicating that the content is essentially sponsored. Read More >>

Amazon and Hachette Finally Make Nice Over E-Book Pricing

Amazon and Hachette, two companies that have been in an e-book price battle since May, ended their heated feud today. Read More >>

Del Boy Gets it on With Bridget Jones via Plonker Book Printing Error

Those after more whimsical fluff about pants and kissing from the new Bridget Jones novel may find it unexpectedly lunging back to the 1980s, thanks to a publishing error sticking pages from Only Fools and Horses star Sir David Jason's autobiography into the latest Jones novel. Read More >>