You’re Not Alone in Dreading Socialising

46 per cent of adults are normal and boring and would rather stay at home than go out and pretend to be happy in a pub full of loud people, with data assembled by Currys PC World saying that the ideal evening now involves emotionlessly staring at several screens simultaneously until something needs charging or it's bed time. Read More >>

WTF? Samuel Smith Brewery Bans Swearing In Its Pubs

Next time you go for a drink, you might have to watch your mouth, as it is has emerged the Samuel Smith brewery has banned bad language in its pubs. Read More >>

Electronic Shield Makes Pub a Safe Haven from Mobile Phones

A pub in Hove on the south coast of England has come up with a novel way to differentiate itself from the local competition -- erecting a metal cage around it to block phone signals and make it a phone-free space. Like the 1970s. Read More >>

Celebrate The Queen’s Birthday With Two Extra Hours of Pub Time

English and Welsh pubs will be opening late as part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations this summer, with the government deciding that staying out a bit later than usual and squeezing in an extra three pints might be exactly how the nation is planning to celebrate the joyous occasion. Read More >>

Internet People Are Far Too Excited About This Half-Pint Glass

Half-pints just aren't cool. There’ll always be something slightly shameful about sidling up to a bar, quietly muttering your order, being made to repeat it, picking up your admittedly-cute glass, dodging seemingly-incredulous fellow drinkers as you make your way back to your table and sip away like a child at a fake tea party. Read More >>

Customer Details Stolen in JD Wetherspoon Pub Hacks

JD Wetherspoon, famous for cheap drinks and questionable clientele, has revealed that hackers managed to break into its old website to steal customer and staff details. However, the loved-and-loathed pub chain, which has around 1,000 outlets across the UK, says the cybercriminals didn’t manage to get their hands on enough data to bleed bank accounts dry. Read More >>

Pig Barred from Pub for Stealing Drinks

The novelty of seeing a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig wandering around their local pub wore off quicker than expected for some local drinkers, with the boozing pig now banned from the Conquering Hero pub for getting a bit too aggressive in its pursuit of abandoned stale pints. Read More >>

And the Best Pub in Britain Is…

The beer-loving Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) has crowned Britain's best boozer, declaring the Salutation Inn its 2015 Pub of the Year. Read More >>

Pub Landlords Win Fairer Contract Fight = Cheaper Beer

The system in which pub landlords are honour bound to remain linked with certain large pub companies is being loosened, which may mean they're able to pass on the savings from sourcing their booze elsewhere to their customers. Read More >>

Pubs Will Stay Open Later for England’s 2014 World Cup Matches

This summer's World Cup takes place in sunny Brazil which, once British Summer Time starts, puts us four hours ahead, meaning many matches will go on late into the night. Those who enjoy a bevvie with the football will be pleased to hear then that the government is set to relax pub closing times for England's games, letting UK footie fans enjoy the matches and a pint into the early hours down their locals. [BBC] Read More >>

Are We Responsible Enough for a Motorway Pub?

The UK's first motorway service station pub is now ready for business, with budget burger and booze trough Wetherspoons opening its Hope and Champion pub at junction two of the M40. A welcoming break in a familiar atmosphere, or a deadly temptation to make long trips whizz past quicker by getting hammered? Read More >>

Pregnancy Tests in Pubs to be Trialled to Help Mothers Know They’re Knocked-up

We all know boozing while pregnant is bad and potentially damaging for the unborn baby. Problem is, some mothers aren't aware they're pregnant in the first months and get hammered anyway, so could putting pregnancy test kits in pubs help protect babies in their early stages of life? Read More >>

Stand Up For Hours and Get Angry in this Tube-Themed Bar

This pretty little drinking hole is now open for business in London, as part of the celebrations surrounding the 150th anniversary of the city's Underground rail network. Read More >>

Tablet-Headed Robot Works Out How to Get Served at a Busy Bar

A team from the Bielfeld University in Germany built the odd bartending robot pictured above, as part of a test to work out how bar staff respond to visual clues that people milling about at the bar are looking to make a purchase. Read More >>

Buying Booze With Bitcoins: Yes, I Took One For the Team

Bitcoin seems like a great idea, if you want to slip through the cracks of the web and into the Dark Net so you can buy drugs, guns and probably black market killer whales or alien technology from sites like Silk Road. But if you just fancied a wee cheeky pint with your friends, you were shit out of luck. UNTIL NOW. Read More >>