Greggs Warns Pub to Stop Being Rude With its Sausage Rolls and Cheryl Cole

Greggs has asked its lawyers to discipline a Newcastle pub, thanks to the boozer selling a burger that contains a branded Greggs sausage roll atop the meat layer. Read More >>

Pub Lets Locals Barter Veg for Beer

A glimpse into the barter-based economy of post-collapse Britain is being offered by the New Inn pub in Great Limber, Lincolnshire, which is currently letting locals swap their unwanted homegrown produce for some of the cheaper alcoholic beverages. Read More >>

Rural Pubs Given Cash to Diversify into Post Offices, Shops and Soft Play Parks

A bit of government money is going into trying so save local pubs under the brand "Pub is The Hub," which is encouraging rural pubs to think about diversifying away from the teetering model that is selling pints of Guinness to men who drink too slowly for it to be sustainable. Read More >>

That Time You Bought a Round to be Immortalised in Wetherspoon Museum

The Wetherspoon chain has decided it's so integral toand the fabric of modern society that there should be a museum dedicated to it, and of course it'll be funded  curated by... the Wetherspoon chain. Read More >>

Pub Diners Want Roast Beef Not Scallop Foam and Pea Reduction on a Kale Mattress

The 2019 version of the Good Pub Guide has a warning for any aspiring chef looking to shake things up at the £10.99 end of the market, warning that the diners of the nation are getting a bit bored of eateries offering pretentious foods and noting that we, as a whole, would rather have a lasagne with garlic bread or a steak pie that comes in a nice bowl. Read More >>

UK’s Pub Purge Continues as 1,300 Close in a Year

The UK pub scene that includes everything that isn't a massive Wetherspoons is showing no signs of recovery, as stats show that nearly 1,300 of our pubs closed last year. We didn't even think there were 1,300 left. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Ditches French Champagne in Latest Brexit Sulk

Annoyingly political pub chain Wetherspoons and its annoyingly political owner Tim Martin have decided to Brexit the drinks menu ahead of the UK's departure from the EU, although the changes are all to do with trade rules and cheaper imports, not randomly hating foreign people and the stuff they make, promises Tim. Read More >>

Derby Pub Bans Royal Wedding Talk

A pub in Derby is making itself into a royal wedding free zone, with the landlady of the Alexandra Hotel deciding to ban her customers from mentioning the ginger prince and his TV bride. Read More >>

Villagers Raise £1 Million to Stop Local Pub Becoming Local Flats

What do you do when your local pub shuts for good and gets sold off to property developers with plans to turn it into some fancy flats? Obviously you raise money to buy it back with a law most people haven't heard of. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Cancels Steak Across the Nation

Pub chain Wetherspoons threw the dinner plans of a large sector of society into CRISIS last night, as it pulled three types of steak from its menu nationwide. Read More >>

Sodding Millennials Won’t Even Get a Round in

When a young person finally stops looking at their phone long enough to head to the bar and get a drink, chances are they'll only come back with one for themselves. The art of getting a round in is dying. Maybe someone needs to build a bloody drink-cost-sharing app so they understand the concept? Read More >>

Wetherspoons Protests Tax By Giving Everyone Even Cheaper Food and Drink

Ah, J.D. Wetherspoon. Not exactly the hallmark of quality, but it is the one true home of the Cheap Night Out. Read More >>

Wetherspoons Bans Phone Charging Behind the Bar

The alcohol caverns operated under the Weatherspoon banner have a new rule, one designed to dissuade the more confident of drunks from blagging a free charge of their phone from bar staff. Read More >>

You’re Not Alone in Dreading Socialising

46 per cent of adults are normal and boring and would rather stay at home than go out and pretend to be happy in a pub full of loud people, with data assembled by Currys PC World saying that the ideal evening now involves emotionlessly staring at several screens simultaneously until something needs charging or it's bed time. Read More >>

WTF? Samuel Smith Brewery Bans Swearing In Its Pubs

Next time you go for a drink, you might have to watch your mouth, as it is has emerged the Samuel Smith brewery has banned bad language in its pubs. Read More >>