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Porgs Are Lies: The Last Jedi’s Adorable New Characters Would Struggle To Actually Fly, According To Science

This post originally appeared on Octber 13th 2017, but is being reposted in alignment with the release of The Last Jedi and the subsequent further information on the porg's biology. Read More >>

Lady Puffins Basically Holding Everything Together in Puffin Marriages

In the animal kingdom, pretty much everything wants to fuck and/or kill. But puffins—those flying penguin-looking things that live in regions around the North Atlantic—are special in the sense that they typically mate with the same partner for life. They’re even called “soulmate puffins,” which is so mind-numbingly adorable it makes my Grinch heart palpitate. Read More >>

Puffins Facing Extinction Due to Overfishing and Pollution

Lovely little puffins, the over-trusting weirdo birds of many remote rocky coastal areas, are facing extinction around the UK, thanks to the combined horrors of overfishing ruining their food sources and pollution generally filling them with plastic and other bad things. Read More >>