gadgets Thinks We’re Idiots, Makes Another Smartwatch

When launched the Puls smartwatch/bangle/jewellery thing in 2014, it was so bad, we were actually kind of impressed. (Let’s also not forget the musician’s disaster of a smartphone case, foto.sosho.) But is trying again. Read More >>

smartwatches’s Puls Smartcuff Review: Like a Prison Sentence on Your Wrist

"Call," you yell at your wrist cuff as you leave your trendy apartment. "Play Get This Party Started," you shriek into your other wrist cuff as you step out of a black car. A thin, tinny melody leaks out of the shackle — just as your ankle cuff buzzes. It's a text from Fergie. She's already at the club! You pop and lock as you tap a response into one of 17 other cuffs strapped to your body. Read More >>

Meet Puls,’s Gigantic Wearable Cuff

We first heard about's foray into the world of smartwatch-esque wearables back in April, but we had… questions. What was that mysterious cuff on his wrist? And could it really do all the things he promised? Today he unveiled the Puls. Welcome to fashionology, people. Read More >>