Taser Has Released a Compact Consumer Electroshock Weapon in the US

Taser, the company that’s sold electroshock weapons to some 18,000 law enforcement organisations all over the world for years, has made its smallest weapon ever. And it’s not for police officers – it’s for regular people in the US wanting to shock the shit out someone. Read More >>

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earphones Measure Your Heart Rate From Your Earholes

Though it may not be the most obvious place to get an accurate reading of your heart rate, your inner ear, with its network of tiny blood vessels, is actually one of the best places in your body (aside from your derrière, surprisingly) to check how well your heart is pumping. Jabra's Sport Pulse Wireless earphones are the first buds to capitalise on this little-known fact, being the first fitness-focussed buds to have a built-in, in-ear heart rate monitor. Read More >>

A Cheap Pair of Earbuds Can Accurately Measure Your Heart Rate

There's a plethora of devices out there that let athletes, amateur doctors, and even hypochondriacs constantly monitor their heart rates. But thanks to researchers at the Kaiteki Institute in Japan, soon all you may need to keep tabs on your ticker is a cheap pair of in-ear earbuds. Read More >>

Would You Slide Your Manhood Inside the Pulse “Guybrator” Sex Toy?

For any bloke who has ever surfed YouPorn while setting his phone to vibrate underneath his dick (it's a thing, seriously), your hairy palms should be reaching for your credit cards right now. Introducing Pulse, the world's first "guybrator". Read More >>

Withings Pulse Review: Lots of Data In a Little Package

This year has produced a flood of fitness trackers and, as such, it takes more than it has in the past to stand out from the crowd. The unassuming Withings Pulse has a neat trick up its sleeve that just might do it: In addition to all the usual stuff, it can take your pulse. Read More >>

Sony PS3’s New Gaming Headset Brings Extra Bass

Last year saw the introduction of Sony's first PS3 gaming headset hich combined 7.1 virtual surround sound and noise-cancelling mic technology without the hassle of wires. This year's model—the Pulse—brings all of the aforementioned in a more conventional form factor and a new feature: EXTRA BASS. Read More >>

Pulse Brings Its Pretty RSS Tiles to Windows Phone

Pulse, the slick and pretty RSS reader-ish app on iPhone, Android and iPad, is now available for the equally slick and pretty Windows Phone. If you're not familiar, Pulse takes a bunch of news sources and transforms them into a pretty gorgeous collection of tiles. Reading doesn't have to be a snoozefest, you know. Read More >>