Puppy Farming Ban Snuffles Adorably into Parliament

A ban on the "farming" of puppies has taken a big, lolloping step forward today, as potentially tougher rules on the managing of young pups heads to Parliament for what is hopefully a brief spell of agreeing and aye-ing and a passing into law. Read More >>

Three Puppies Rescued After Deadly Italian Avalanche 

Last week, an avalanche engulfed a hotel nestled in the steps of Italy’s Gran Sasso mountain. The avalanche, which struck in the early hours of morning, caused extensive damage to the hotel and claimed at least 7 lives. At least 22 others are still missing. Read More >>

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Two Good Boys Pull a Snowboarder Through a Storm

Barney and Cabot are golden retrievers. The man on the snowboard is Barney and Cabot’s dad. Barney and Cabot’s dad is using his good boys as transportation. Read More >>

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The Most Adorable Internet Easter Video

It's Easter, so you've probably got a day of egg hunts and bunnies and pies that don't really make sense. But take a moment to soak in this UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE video that basically distills the essence of Easter down to its core: cute bunnies, chicks, and puppies for no gosh darn reason at all. Enjoy! [YouTube] Read More >>