Eight-Year-Olds Can Still Rinse Mum’s Credit Card for £1.5k of In-Game Junk

A sad-faced mum whose kid blew £1,450 on an in-app transaction bender is trying her best to get Apple and the credit card companies to write off the debt, but it's not looking great thanks to the exemplary hacking skills of the eight-year-old in question. Read More >>

Microsoft May Have Bought WhatsApp, But Not for $19bn, Says Gates

Facebook's astonishing big-money buy of WhatsApp seems to have won the admiration of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who admitted he sees the deal as being a solid one for Facebook, also suggesting that: "Microsoft would have been willing to buy it, too." Read More >>

Trading Watchdog Warns Over Misleading and Aggressive In-App Purchases

The Office of Fair Trading has stepped into the debate around real-money in-app purchases in games aimed at children, saying more needs to be done to explain future costs and micro-payments upfront and before players install that amazing "free" game. Read More >>

Pay Real Money to Cheat Your Way Through Xbox One’s Ryse That Little Bit Quicker

The scourge of in-game payments and endless grinding is set to feature big time in the next-gen consoles, with the developer of Xbox One game Ryse explaining how real-money micro-transations will be used to make multiplayer progress easier. Read More >>

Apple Refunds Parents After Kid Blows £1,700 on In-Game Purchases in 10 Minutes

The absolutely shameless notion of in-app purchases inside games aimed at kids has hit the headlines big time, after one five-year-old boy managed to spend £1,710.43 on miserable £69.99 bundles of in-game junk. Read More >>