Pure Scooters Opens Physical Branch in London

Fashionable electronical personal transportational brand Pure Scooters has opened a bricks & mortar branch in London, where potential criminals will be able to freely purchase the outlawed devices and ride them out of the doors and straight into the welcoming arms of local police. Read More >>

Pure Evoke C-F6 All-in-One Music System Packs Spotify Connect (And Doesn’t Forget Your CD Collection)

Sure, you may be more regularly WhatsApp'ing links to your trying-too-hard Spotify playlist these days, but there will always be a place in your heart for that tower of CDs teetering on the edge of collapse in the corner of the room. Brit-based audio specialist Pure covers all the sonic bases with its new Evoke C range, offering wireless connectivity and radio functions, while also giving you a reason to dust off your CD collection. Read More >>

Pure Contour i1 Air Dock Offers the Apple Holy Trinity: AirPlay, 30-pin and Lightning

You've got a click-wheel 30-pin iPod housing your complete Bob Seger collection sat next to a brand-spanking new, Lightning connection-equipped iPhone 5S fit to burst with dub-step playlists. Is there not a single speaker dock to blare out the disperate treasures tucked away within each? Yes there is, and it's called the Pure Contour i1 Air. Read More >>

Pure Adds £9.99 Offline Music Option and Two New Speakers to Jongo Range

Pure's updating its bonkers bright Jongo multi-room range with two new Wi-Fi-ready speaker models, with its T2 and T4 models set to be joined by an updated Pure Music app to control and manage the playback and streaming services. Read More >>

Pure’s Jongo A2 Lets Your Use Your Hi-Fi as Part of Its Cheapish Multi-Room Audio Assault

Pure's cool Jongo streaming audio system uses connected radios, its decent portable Jongo S3 speaker, and now your big old Hi-Fi, with this £100 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter. The Jongo A2 spits out your streamed audio over optical or digital coax, or analogue phono cables, if that's how you roll. If you're looking for a cheap multi-room audio setup that uses your existing kit, this might do the business. Read More >>

Pure’s New Radio Doubles as a Multi-Room Audio Speaker

Pure's expanding its Jongo connected-speaker line with a new DAB, Bluetooth and Internet radio. The Evoke F4 does full duty as a radio, but can also stream music from your phone via Bluetooth or Pure's Wi-Fi-based Connected system, linking up with the Jongo S3, Sensia 200D, or other connected radios you have dotted about your house. Read More >>

lightning review
Pure Jongo S3 Lightning Review: Multi-Room Audio On-the-Cheap Is Actually Worth Buying

When it comes to multi-room audio, Sonos is the king. But while its gear is awesome, its pricing definitely isn't. Pure's new Jongo S3 wireless speaker is the first salvo in its new affordable, adaptable multi-room audio assault, and it's really rather good. Read More >>

Pure Jongo Wireless Speakers
Pure’s Going All-Out With Its Sonos-on-the-Cheap Jongo Multi-Room Speakers

Pure's attempting to capture the multi-room audio market for the budget-conscious. Having already shown off the decent Jongo S340B, Pure's now got a much beefier T640B 100W  'room filling' wireless speaker to pair with it. Plus it's also showing off a wireless hi-fi adapter, so you can use your own, existing speakers. Decent multi-room audio on-the-cheap might finally be go. Read More >>

Pure’s Jongo S340B Wireless Speaker Aims to Take On Sonos Without the Horrendous Price Tag

Pure's getting into the multi-room audio space that Sonos basically dominates at the moment. Pure's play here is price; its new Jongo music system is, apparently, "the most affordable mainstream multi-room audio system" in the world. Considering even the most basic Sonos system is pretty damn pricy, Pure might have something worth looking at with the new Jongo S340B, if you're looking to expand you speaker setup about the house. Read More >>

Pure’s Getting Into Fancy Freeview Boxes

Pure's made the leap from making digital radios to the exciting world of Freeview+ HD boxes. I know what you're thinking, just another rubbish Freview box that you're probably not going to buy. But Pure might actually make a difference here with the Avalon 300R Connect. It's finally done what we've been craving for ages, spent time on the interface and made it slick and fast. Read More >>

WARNING: Massive Flood of Patriotic Rubbish Incoming

We have here a couple of DAB radios. One is a new offering from Philips, which probably works perfectly well and looks like a useful little thing for £49.99. Another is the Evoke from Pure, which just like the Philips, is probably a darling little machine that just wants to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style alongside its hefty £149.99 price tag. Just a shame that both have been ruined by having flags stuck on the front (and backside) of each radio. Read More >>

Cloud-Based Pure Music Now Live in the UK

Pure's subscription-based music service has launched. If you don't like the idea of paying £4.99 a month for access to "millions" of songs, there's currently a free one-month trial on offer to ease the transition to cloud-based music. Oddly, though, the company says offline caching for mobile devices will be available soon "for an additional monthly fee." [Pure] Read More >>

The Amazon Kindle Is Your Reader’s Best Friend Deal of the Day

If you haven’t taken every single book you’ve ever bought or been given, marched out into the garden with them and set them alight, then you’re just not the modernista that you think you are. Read More >>

Pure Sensia 200D Connect — Touchscreen Digital Radio

Pure has another 200-series music player to go alongside its Contour 200i -- the Sensia 200D Connect. It's a touchscreen media streamer with internet radio, FM and digital radio, plus the ability to play any other music you've got squirreled away on your network. Read More >>

Pure Joins AirPlay With its Pure Contour 200i Air

Pure has just announced its first device with AirPlay compatibility, with the £199 Contour 200i Air ready for the approval of serious Apple fans. Read More >>