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A PVC Air Cannon Is Perfect for Scaring Trick or Treaters

You could make crazy DIY Halloween decorations to scare the creeps out of trick or treaters in your neighbourhood. You could dress up drones as flying ghosts or ghoulish goblins to strike fear into child-sized candy beggars. You could be the cranky old man who turns his light off and seeps scare by ignoring costume wearers. Read More >>

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Think You Know Plastic?

The world is up to its ears in plastic. You would be hard pressed to find items in your life that are devoid of this amazingly versatile material. But plastics are a varied bunch and some could potentially even give you cancer. So, read on to avoid being suckered into buying a knockoff water bottle that infuses a nauseating chlorine-flavour into your drink because it's made from cheap, shiny PVC. Read More >>

British Artist Builds a Forest of PVC Trees

This light-dappled glen of pale trees isn't a scene out of the next Avatar flick;it's an awe-inspiring stand of plastic Cherry trees created by designer Tom Price. Read More >>