Sky Lets Viewers Watch or Record TV via Tweet Links

A really quite impressive new use for Twitter has been dreamed up by Sky, which uses links embedded in tweets to let subscribers fire up Sky Go or tell their Sky+ boxes to record a particular show. If all your accounts are logged in and linked up, it ought to just work right now with any tweets tagged #WatchOnSky. [Sky] Read More >>

Lord Sugar YouView
Lord Sugar Out, as YouView No Longer Needs a Sweetener

Apparently Lord Sugar's brief was to get YouView to market and shoehorn it into people's homes through his big, bad personality. Now that job's seemingly done, as Sugar's checking out to "focus my time and attention into my other businesses" like, err, The Apprentice. Time well spent, obviously. Read More >>

Pure’s Getting Into Fancy Freeview Boxes

Pure's made the leap from making digital radios to the exciting world of Freeview+ HD boxes. I know what you're thinking, just another rubbish Freview box that you're probably not going to buy. But Pure might actually make a difference here with the Avalon 300R Connect. It's finally done what we've been craving for ages, spent time on the interface and made it slick and fast. Read More >>

A Cheap PVR Is Your Time-Shifting-Like-a-Demon Deal of the Day

So, you've realised why your life isn't quite perfect. You've got that telly in your bedroom/spare room and you've got Freeview on it, but it doesn't record stuff! Of course! THAT'S the cause of your ennui. Read More >>

YouView Finally, Officially Launched and Will Be in Stores Within the Month

YouView is finally officially official. After leaks, stops, starts and stutters, YouView boxes will be in the shops by end of this month, right for the start of the Olympics. Read More >>

YouView Launching in May?

We might get to finally use the YouView catch-up internet TV service later this year, with TV execs giving the launch of the Freeview-based TV-on-demand system a rough arrival date of May. Read More >>

Software Patent Hints at PVR Functions in Next Xbox

The Xbox 720 or whatever it might eventually be called by Microsoft's marketing people may arrive PVR features onboard, with a Microsoft patent revealing it's working on a system that lets a "digital video recorder" capture media on a games console. Read More >>

Sky Unveils 10 Limited Edition Designer Sky+HD Boxes to Celebrate 10 Years of Sky+

It's been 10 years since Sky's built-in PVR hit our living rooms, and it's been glorious. Recording what we want, when we want and all automatically. Now with the rise of catch-up VOD, is the Sky+ box dead? Sky doesn't think so. Read More >>

TalkTalk Gearing up to Launch YouView Video on Demand in 2012

TalkTalk is getting ready to launch the first finished YouView product, with a few thousand early adopters able to start trailing its new Freeview-based TV box from early next year. Read More >>