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Why Does North Korea Play Blade Runner-Style Music Every Morning?

North Korea is a weird country. Heck, so is the United Kingdom. But the UK doesn’t play creepy, Blade Runner-like Theremin music in the capital each morning just after dawn. North Korea does. Read More >>

Get a Rare Peek at Everyday Life in North Korea From This Timelapse

Although we have a pretty good idea of what life is like in North Korea, most of what we actually see comes from carefully controlled images released by the government. "Enter Pyongyang" is an incredibly beautiful video that was shot by a Beijing-based tour company, and it might give us the most honest look yet at the North Korean capital. Read More >>

North Korea Sent a Threatening Communiqué to South Korea Via Fax

Nothing says "we're serious about this" like a fax. Or at least that's what officials in Pyongyang seem to think. Yesterday morning, South Korean officials received a fax that warned, ironically, of attacks "without warning." I guess the first one was a freebie. Read More >>

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Explore the Ghostly Cityscapes of North Korea In this Creepy Timelapse

Want to visit North Korea? No? Well the Koryo Group—the world's leading DPRK travel specialist—aims to change your mind with this timelapse. Is it working? Read More >>