Wait, What the Hell Happened to Apple AirPower?

When Apple debuted the iPhone X last autumn, the company also announced AirPower, a wireless charging pad with special Apple magic that would let you charge three devices at once faster than traditional Qi wireless chargers. But now, nine months later, AirPower still isn’t here, and it’s not clear when it will actually be available. Read More >>

It Definitey Looks Like the Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging

Apple just quietly joined Wireless Power Consortium, a group of 214 companies dedicated to promoting wireless charging through its “Qi” standard, fuelling rumours that the next iPhone will include the technology. Read More >>

“Connected Sleeve” is an Actually Nice-looking External Battery

This Connected Sleeve wants to solve the problem that is depressingly utilitarian external phone batteries. It's a battery, inside a case, one that wirelessly charges your phone as soon as you pop it in. Read More >>

Wireless Charging Standards Just Got Slightly Less Confusing, But Still Suck

While regular people have spent the last five years wondering what’s wrong with cables, the embryonic wireless charging industry has been battling over standards. Thanks to a recent industry shakeup, there are now only two different types of wireless charging for everyone to ignore. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s Wireless Charging Just Got Better

Rezence, Qualcomm’s horse in the wireless charging standards war, just got a handy upgrade: it will now work in phones with metal backs. Read More >>

IKEA is Now Putting Wireless Charging in Your Furniture

Charging cables? Who needs 'em. Smartphone makers (and even big chain coffee shops) have been clamouring for ways to ditch those tangled microUSB nuisances—and now the world's largest furniture retailer is joining the fight. Read More >>

Oh for the Love of God, Not Another Bloody Standards War

We had Betamax vs. VHS. We've just finished up with HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray. And now, apparently, we're going to have the war of the wireless charging standards, because Samsung, HTC and LG have joined the Power Matters Alliance, a wireless charging standard. It's a challenger to Qi, which is the wireless charging technology included in the Lumia 920, Nexus 4 and Galaxy S III, among others. Looks like it's gonna be a long and bitter fight. Again. [CNET] Read More >>

McDonald’s Adding Free, Wireless Electric Sauce to its Menu

If you're trusting enough to leave your £36-a-month smartphone resting on a table in McDonalds while you guzzle down some meat and bread, there's about to be a good reward for doing so -- free electricity from embedded tabletop wireless chargers. Read More >>