Acer’s Liquid X1 is an Octa-Core Smartphone Flagship for the Masses

You’ve seen the flagship offerings of Samsung, HTC and Sony already, but Acer hopes to blow them all away with the announcement of its new octa-core smartphone called the Liquid X1. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4
The Octa-Core Samsung Galaxy S4 Simply Blows the Doors Off the Competition

We've seen previously -- through some preliminary benchmarks -- that the quad-core LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that's UK-bound is damn quick, but even that is blown away by the octa-core beast that Samung's pumping out for elsewhere. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Quad-Core-Only Confirmed For the UK

The rumours from yesterday seem to be true. In the UK we're getting the 1.9GHz quad-core variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 only, not the octa-core beast, which is probably something to do with it being LTE-enabled. [Recombu] Read More >>

Acer Planning Cheap Quad-Core 8″ and 10″ Android Tablet Attack?

Some slightly garbled, automatically translated words from Acer's Chinese president seem to confirm it's about to launch an assault on the cheap Android segment, with quad-core 8" and 10" models both on the way. Read More >>

Samsung Preparing Quad-Core Nexus 10 Upgrade?

Rumours suggest that Samsung's hard-to-buy Nexus 10 tablet is about to receive a small hardware update, with the Korean maker of glossy rectangular items said to be working on a new quad-core version of its Nexus 10. Read More >>

Samsung Goes Back to the Capacitive Drawing Board, Updates Galaxy Note 10.1 to Quad-Core and Adds Stylus Slot

Samsung has slightly tinkered with the larger version of the Galaxy Note it'll soon be releasing, adding an oh-so-important slot for the company's S Pen sensitive stylus and taking the opportunity to enhance the internals of the tablet, too. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S III Looks Like It’ll Be a Quad-Core Beast

If you were expecting anything other than an absolute powerhouse out of Samsung for its latest flagship phone come May 3rd, think again. Samsung’s confirmed that the “Next Galaxy”, aka the Galaxy S III, will come packing the company’s new blazing-fast Exynos 4 quad-core chip. Read More >>

Samsung Comes to Its Senses and Halts Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Production to Slap a Quad-Core Chip In It

More delays face Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but this time Android’s not to blame – Samsung’s decided that it’s just not good enough in its planned incarnation, and we’re inclined to agree. Everyone’s shoving quad-core chips in their Android tablets, so Samsung launching one with basically the same dual-core processor as its predecessor seemed a bit daft to me; thankfully Samsung now agrees. Read More >>

Rumour Round-Up: Samsung Galaxy S III Processor, Power and Wireless Charging?

An awful lot of speculation has been flying about the place regarding Samsung's plans for its Galaxy S III Android model, which we're all gagging to see and upgrade to without even thinking about the cost implications. But what's it going to be like? Read More >>

LG: Quad-Core and LTE Will Kill Your Battery, But We’re Working On It

While it doesn’t make much difference to us poor 4G-less Britons, LG’s new quad-core flagship line is conspicuously missing any LTE models. Apparently the reason for that is battery drain – LG’s working hard to try and combine quad-core beasts with LTE that’ll actually last a day, but we’re unlikely to see it this year. Read More >>

Fujitsu Joins the Massive-Screened Phone Tegra 3 Party

Just like Panasonic, Fujitsu’s launching a range of smartphones into Europe and will be showing off its wares at MWC. Now we know a little about one of its new “ultra-high-spec” smartphones -- it’s another beast with a screen over four-inches. Read More >>

HTC Has “Something Fast” to Show on Sunday

HTC also has a secret thing to show at Mobile World Congress, like Nokia and Asus. Sadly, HTC's secrets have long been smeared across the internet, so everyone knows its fast things are new dual and quad-core Android phones. But good to see HTC carrying on the charade and pretending it isn't the leakiest ship in technology. [HTC] Read More >>

Quad-Core Acer Iconia A700 Tablet Ready for CES

Acer's new high-end Iconia Tab A700 has been pictured, offering a quad-core processor and incredibly high-resolution 1920 x 1200 screen in a super-skinny case. Read More >>

Rumour: Galaxy S III to Be Powered By Quad-Core CPU

Chalk this one up as purely rumour and speculation, but Samsung's next Galaxy S could be powered by its new Exynos 4412 quad-core chip. We're expecting the Galaxy S III to be shown off at MWC early next year. Read More >>

HTC Zeta
When Dual-Core Just Isn’t Enough: Rumoured HTC Zeta to Get Blazing Quad-Core 2.5GHz Chip

Chalk this one up as rumour, but Engadget's been sent a render of a new HTC handset codenamed 'Zeta'. The monster device is supposedly packing a beast of a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU besting the previously rumoured quad-core Edge. Read More >>