This Quadcopter Can Perform Insane Stunts Completely Autonomously

Quadrotors need outside help to navigate and perform their remarkable stunts, whether it be a human behind the controls or an array of complex sensors placed around a room. But not this one. Developed by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, this drone is practically autonomous—which means it’s an actual drone. The future is finally here. Read More >>

Parrot Bebop Drone and Skycontroller Review: Looks Aren’t Everything

You’ve graduated from your cheap beginner drone, you know how to fly, and you want to try something new. Something that can shoot beautiful video from the sky — but doesn’t cost four figures – like a camera-equipped DJI Phantom. You spot the £429 Parrot Bebop Drone, and pull the trigger. It’s kind of fun, you think, between strings of obscenities. Read More >>

Mystery Drones Have Been Flying Over France’s Nuclear Power Plants

Quadrotors of various shapes and sizes have been flying over some of France's (numerous) nuclear power plants over the course of the past few weeks, causing mild alarm, embarrassment for the Air Force that's supposed to police the air space, as well as a judicial enquiry, Le Monde reports. Read More >>

This Drone is Armed, But Not in the Way That You’re Thinking

We're almost so used to the idea of weapons-toting drones, that finding a drone with a pair of actual arms is a little unusual. This quadcopter with a pair of arms is the brainchild of university researchers, who clearly didn't think about the consequences of giving flying robots the ability to pick things up and run away with them. Everyone duck. Read More >>

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This Sticky Quadrotor Can Literally Be a Fly on the Wall

In the not too distant future the world is going to be abuzz with quadrotors flying about making deliveries, monitoring traffic, and of course spying on everyone: a skill this gecko-like craft is particularly adept at. Thanks to a special dry adhesive it's able to stick and unstick from surfaces, letting it land and perch almost anywhere. Read More >>

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Watch These Quadrocopters Throw and Catch Poles Like Acrobats

There seems to be no end to the marvels that quadrocopters can achieve. Now, though, researchers have got 'em throwing and catching poles like acrobats—and it's amazing. Read More >>

Oh God, Here Come the Private Security Drones

It was inevitable. Drones are in ever-wider use by the military, and some day they might deliver you food, but it looks like they'll also be the private, flying-camera spies for private companies too. That's what Japanese security company Secom is banking on with its new private security quadrotor. Read More >>

Tacocopter Basics

The Tacocopters are coming. Sure, the original pitch was a clever troll aimed at credulous and impatient fast-food junkies. But the numbers don't lie – a typical taco weighs less than a kilogram, and aircraft that can autonomously fly a few dozen ounces of payload to your doorstep are already available for around a thousand pounds. Amazon Prime is cool, and I can't wait for self-driving delivery cars – but there's a reason they call a beeline a beeline. Flying autonomous deliverybots are coming. Fast. Read More >>

This Is Why You Can’t Use a Cat as a Quadrotor

We all know the awesomeness of quadrotors knows no bounds. But using your taxidermied cat as the body of said quadrotor? Unfortunately for the world, this grand experiment has not yet reached its full potential. Read More >>

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Breakthrough Quadcopter Does Previously Impossible Acrobatics

Looking at their latest invention, Mark Cutler and Jonathan P. Howe will get an awesome job at some military aerospace company. They have created a quadrotor drone with variable-pitch, something that didn't exist before in these kind of machines. Not they can do some crazy acrobatics. Read More >>

Oh Great: A Killer Swarm of Synchronised Quadrotor Drones

One day, drones won't just fly by themselves: they'll hunt in packs. Imagine a swarm of tiny, flying drones chasing after you, synchronising their movements to catch you in the most effective way possible. If you can't imagine it, don't worry: it's already happened. Read More >>