Qualcomm Teases Its First Chip Built Just for Laptops

In early 2018, the first Windows 10 laptops sporting Qualcomm CPUs hit the market, and with it, Qualcomm brought a more smartphone-like experience to the PC world. That was thanks to superior battery life and always-on LTE connectivity. Unfortunately, because these Windows on Snapdragon devices were stuck using the Snapdragon 835, an outdated processor from mid-2017, their performance was often mediocre at best. Read More >>

What’s It Gonna Take For Someone to Give Me This Slick In-Display Fingerprint Reader

Synaptics’s Clear ID sensor is not the first sensor to scan your thumb print through a display. The Vivo X20 phone, available now in China, is not the first phone to read your thumb through the screen. You might not know this if you’d seen the headlines coming out of CES—where Synaptic’s Clear ID was haled as a game changer that fixed the problems we all have with the iPhone’s Face ID and the Galaxy S8’s awkward fingerprint reader. But it’s the truth. This isn’t the first tech to come along as a challenge to Face ID’s impending dominance, but it definitely something different. Read More >>

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CES 2018: Qualcomm’s Smart Audio Platform Now Supports Cortana

Microsoft's Cortana might have beaten Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant to the market, but she's not really kicked off in the same way. Probably because she's not been as widely available, unlike the latter two which have their own smart speakers and are getting installed on new smart gadgets everyday. That might change, though, and it's all thanks to Qualcomm. Read More >>

CES 2018: Qualcomm Claims Its New Chip Will Triple Battery Life on Wireless Headphones

There are currently two major annoyances with wireless headphones: the Bluetooth can cut out in areas with a lot of signal noise, and battery life is mostly terrible. Qualcomm thinks it’s packed a better solution to both of those issues into a new chip. Read More >>

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CES 2018: Lenovo Says Its Snapdragon Surface Clone Gets 20 Freaking Hours of Battery Life

There’s a question I get way too often from a coworker. “When are we getting Snapdragon Surface devices?” The answer continues to be “I have no idea.” But today Lenovo’s announced the next best thing—a detachable two-in-one Windows 10 device with Snapdragon inside. Read More >>

Here Are the 5 Biggest Things Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 Is Bringing to Next Year’s Android Phones

A couple days ago at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii, the company finally unveiled its next flagship smartphone processor: the Snapdragon 845. But until recently, all we had was a name to talk about. Now that details are trickling out about Qualcomm’s new silicon chip—the one that’s going to power all of 2018's big Android phones—here’s a quick rundown of the Snapdragon 845's most important improvements. Read More >>

Smartphone Guts are Coming to Windows Laptops, and it Could Triple Your Battery Life

For years, Microsoft and others have been trying to figure out how to get Windows running on chips other than x86 processors most commonly made by Intel and AMD. The hope is that by broadening the platform to makers of mobile devices, Windows on ARM-based chips will lead to cheaper, more accessible systems than the standard laptops we have now. Read More >>

Broadcom’s £80 Billion Bid for Qualcomm Could Be the Biggest Tech Acquisition Ever 

In the competition to supply the world’s ever-increasing demand for wireless modems, a bid by Broadcom to purchase Qualcomm announced today could result in a major shift in power. Read More >>

We’re Entering a New Era of Portable Windows PCs

At long last Microsoft will make it possible to run Windows 10 on cheap low-powered PCs (like rinky-dink tablets) as well as on smartphones. For years, Microsoft has struggled to bring the full Windows experience to ultra-portable devices that run low-power chips that can’t handle the beefy OS. Previous attempts were paltry at best. That’s about to change—and it might be just the kick in the pants Windows portables need to get going. Read More >>

New Quick Charge Tech Promises 5 Hours of Phone Battery in 5 Minutes

Leaving the house only to realise you’ve got next to zero charge on your phone is an awful feeling. Which is why phone companies have been jamming bigger and better batteries into their phones. They’ve also been using quick charging technology, which can shove hours of battery life into a phone in a matter of minutes through carefully management via the phone’s processor. But none have been able to juice a battery quite as quickly the 5 hours in 5 minutes claim Qualcomm has just made. Read More >>

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 is the 5G Modem That Won’t Work Yet

Apparently there's a 5G already, probably in South Korea or in a lab in Milton Keynes, and Qualcomm's got a chipset that can tune into it -- the Snapdragon X50. Read More >>

Now Qualcomm’s Getting in on this VR Malarky

These days it seems like everybody and their uncle is getting involved in VR. Microsoft and Intel, Sony, LG, Google, HTC and Valve, Oculus, Samsung... The list goes on. Now even Qualcomm is dipping its toes into the water of virtual reality. Read More >>

Vulnerability Found in Qualcomm Chips Used in Millions of Smartphones

Security researchers working on reverse-engineering Qualcomm's hardware claim to have finally found a way in, suggesting that flaws in the graphics-handling part of the processing chain's software drivers could allow hackers to take control of a device. Read More >>

There’s a Major Android Bug That Most Phones Will Never Get a Fix For

Android has a problem. Nothing new there, but this one could prove impossible to fix. Thousands of devices equipped with Snapdragon chips are potentially at risk from hackers, thanks to an apparently undetectable software flaw with a rather catchy name. Read More >>

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Microsoft’s “Surface Phone” May be a Snapdragon 830 Powered Goliath

Analysis of Microsoft's plans for the future of its Windows 10 platform appear to suggest it has something small and powerful on the way, with potential tech spec requirements showing a world in which a mobile Windows 10 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU. Read More >>