12 Devices and Apps to Quantify Your Sleep

You can quantify just about every part of your life with today’s tech, but what’s more important than getting enough rest? There are now a plethora of ways to keep an eye on the quality of your sleep as well as how much you’re getting. Read More >>

This Dude’s Fitness Tracker May Have Just Saved His Life

A 42-year-old man from New Jersey recently showed up in an emergency ward following a seizure. After looking at the data collected by his Fitbit Charge HR, the doctors decided to reset his heart rate with an electrical cardioversion. It’s the first time in history that a fitness tracker was used in this way. Read More >>

Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What to Do With Fitness-Tracker Data

Patients are increasingly bringing their fitness-tracker data to their checkups. Not only are doctors ill-equipped to deal with this information, they’re sceptical that it’s even useful. Read More >>

This Small Radar Device Can Track Your Sleeping Patterns

In our quest for ever-better sleep trackers, we may have to turn to an older technology for results. Read More >>

A Health-Tracking App Analysed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54

It sounds like a pretty damn good deal: Pay a hundred quid for a blood test and get five simple personalised nutrition tips that promise to shave years off your life. Sold! I tried it. I found, as with any data-based health app, its claims need to be taken with a hulking heap of salt. Read More >>

Vessyl: A Cup That Uses Molecular Sensors to Track Everything You Drink

Ever wished you could keep track of what you're consuming without keeping a detailed list? Meet Vessyl, a cup that can calculate detailed information about what your drinking—and sync that information with your fitness tracker and peripheral apps. The quantified self has officially made its way into our tableware. Read More >>