quantum computers
Blockchain Is Especially at Risk for Quantum Attacks, Scientists Warn

Blockchain is meant to be secure – but a new paper from quantum computing scientists warns that quickly advancing quantum technology poses a vulnerability for the much-hyped blockchain. Read More >>

Scientists Worldwide Are Getting Serious About Quantum Internet

It takes little more than logging on to see the flaws in today’s internet—mainly, how easy it is to steal or intercept data. One future solution for these problems could be an upgrade that relies on the latest advances in the science of subatomic particles: a quantum internet. Read More >>

A Quantum Internet Connected by Cargo Ships is Not as Crazy as it Sounds

Our internet has a physical infrastructure: thousands of miles of cables that criss-cross the oceans. The quantum internet, when it exists, will have a physical infrastructure, too. But you can't send quantum bits, "qubits," on fibre optic cables, so a group of physicists has proposed a bizarre solution: cargo ships carrying data on diamond-based drives. And it's not a completely bonkers idea. Read More >>

Government Lab Admits to Using Quantum Internet for Two Years

This might be the biggest tech humblebrag ever. A team of scientists at Los Alamos National Labs has quietly shrugged its shoulders and admitted to the fact that, yeah, it's been using quantum internet for, like, the last two years. Whatever. Read More >>